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Our Values

Our values are really important to us and were created to share and support people and especially women. We want to ensure that all people that have contact with us understand what they can expect from us as a business.

Help others grow, by giving all the tools they need to succeed, always! 

We actively look to empower women in their careers. We choose many women to work with from designers right through to people hand-making our bags. Even the brands we work with we are empowering women in their businesses everywhere that we can.

We will always choose an option where we can help offer a job, provide education, fund a charity supporting women’s growth opportunities.


Always be kind, not only is it the easier thing to do but it’s the best way to be! Kindness is what makes life more beautiful.

We will be kind in the way we choose to source our products, manufacture and sell. We will give back, especially to charities that are making a real difference in women’s lives. We will make decisions that are kinder to the Earth and to people. We are a brand with a conscious and we’re thinking about our impact, every step of the way.

Read more about our Giving Back program.

It’s important to always actively listen. Listen to the people around you, learn from them, take on feedback and then respond. Listen to trends, listen to people outside of the company and listen to great leaders!

We pledge to always listen to people with lived experience. When we run campaigns or create content that’s not directly about us personally, we will always make sure we ask, listen and share things in ways they’re meant to be shared. We promise to never speak for any minority groups without consultation, discussion and agreement. We want to truly hear you and share what’s right!

Working together in a team is the best way to get things done! More minds are better than one.
We love working with people and we will always want to collaborate on designs, photography, campaigns, charity groups or when we decide to make a statement, we know working together makes for bigger impact and that’s what we want.

Having the courage to take risks, make mistakes, take actions, stand up for what we believe in.
We will be bold and always stand up for what we believe in. Our content, imagery, models and stance on things will be shaping the stories we want to see.
We believe that it’s okay to make mistakes, we will pick ourselves back up from each one and keep striving forward.

It’s important to be accountable. Say you're sorry and own your shit, feel confident in failure and just learn from it! It’s never okay to blame anyone else for anything, we can only work together and own it.

We take responsibility for understanding our supply chain, for understanding who we’re working with and their working conditions. We take responsibility for our impact on the world and vow to leave it better than when we found it. We will always be working on how we can learn and better our business practices and we will also share these learnings with our brand partners so that we can all come up together.