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Our Partners

We believe in partnering with powerful women across the globe and highlighting their amazing talents and successes. There is nothing more impactful than working together to build and grow, especially when it comes to creating more opportunities for women. 

We want to partner with women supporting women across the globe, whether it's in fashion, whether it's a workshop, keynote or charity group, we'd love to hear from you about how we can work together. Feel free to contact us here. Or email us on info@arnaonline.com.au to chat more about how we could work together. 








Becky Hughes

Our Graphic Designer

Becky created our beautiful branding, styleguide and colour palette. Her work is second-to-none and she was so easy to work with. 

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Alana Barnes

Our Fashion Designer

Alana is not only an incredible fashion designer but she is our friend. She also has an amazing Instagram page called _beltedbabes where she shows off some of her illustrations. 



Candice Mattiske Creative Director and designer

Candice Mattiske

Our Creative Director 

We recently shot our first campaign which Candice helped us create and pull together. It was inspiring to see her work and we can't wait to share the campaign with you in 2020. 

Candice Mattiske Website

Helena Dolby Photographer

Helena Dolby

Our Photographer

Helena was our photography on our recent campaign. She was so lovely to work with, calm, collected and so flexible. Her work is just absolutely stunning! 

Helena Dolby Website