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Book us in to run a workshop or to speak at an event

Both Arianne and Natasha are available for bookings to run workshops or speak at events. We have a combined experience of over 18 years in our careers and can offer tailored content to suit your business needs. 
We are focused on women's growth, leadership, empowerment and careers in the workforce but can offer specialised workshops on building confidence, working on behaviours that hold us back, working on team culture, negotiation or anything that is missing from your team or business. 
To request more information or to book us in please contact us in our form below.



Want to see some of the awesome stuff we've done already! Check it out. 

Arianne has recently run a workshop that went global all about the behaviours that hold women back in their careers. She was nominated as an MVP at LinkedIn, and has seen more women be promoted this last year than ever! You can run something similar or a workshop that's bespoke to your needs. It's all about supporting the development of female leaders in your workforce. 


Arianne Ritz MVP at LinkedIn      
Women at Linkedin talk, Kate Dopper Heaps Gay, Jane Lu, Arianne Ritz, Trash to Treasured

Natasha has spoken at many events about business with purpose, internal culture and creating meaning in your work.