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About Us

We are two sisters who are passionate about women's empowerment especially in the workforce and especially when it comes to making bold decisions. 

We started ARNA in 2018 and originally named our brand Ritz & Co after our surname. But, when we spoke to our awesome designer, Becky from White Space, she told us she found it a bit naff. Naturally, we listened and she pitched back to us an array of ideas that were all so diverse and unique in their own way. ARNA is what stuck, AR being Arianne's first letters of her name and NA being Natasha's first letters. As well as that, ARNA means mountain of strength, so what better name to go with than a mix of us and a mountain of strength! 

two sisters who launched a business together, creating women's laptop and work bags, leather, backpacks

This is us! In 1994 and now. 

When we thought about what we wanted to create it was really about how we could help bring women in business up, together. That means working with other women who are running their own businesses, interviewing and telling women’s stories from across the globe, working with suppliers and people who are aligned with our mission, which is to empower women to make bold decisions. 

We are striving for every area of our business to create opportunities for women all across the globe and this will continue to be a work in progress. We want to ensure that we choose partners that are aligned with our values so that we can bring you, the best quality, functional, beautiful, work and laptop bags of our own and other brands unique designs. 

empowering women to make bold decisions, leather work bags, handbags, back packs, laptop bags

We've chosen brand partners who we feel are doing awesome things:

  • Charlie Middleton - hand makes beautiful leather bags in a studio on Bondi road, right by where we live. It's a short walk to go down and pick up our orders from him. Local, handmade pieces of art.
  • Sash & Belle - owned by Kristy Mcphillips based out of Canberra, saw a niche in the market for functional bags for women and has worked hard to find great manufacturers to help her create her unique designs.
  • Morrissey - a brand designed by none other than Australian designer Peter Morrissey. Now the brand is owned by a local family under the Milleni umbrella, who own and run their own manufacturing in China 
  • Duffle&Co - a slow fashion brand created in Bali, designed in NZ. For everyday Duffle&Co purchase made they plant 5 mangrove tress in Indonesia. 
  • Jovia the Label - Jov is a local Sydney girl, working full time and running her own side business. 

We are also now bringing you our very first range of our own bags, designed in Sydney by our close friend Alana Barnes. 

We have been working hard all year testing prototypes from around the world. We started testing in Vietnam after visiting there and meeting some suppliers. We then tested a group in Bali but found the quality wasn't quite right and finally we ended up with a partner in China who specialises in making leather goods. We have been testing our bags for months to make sure they are what we want to offer our customers and we love them. 

Read about our manufacturing partners out of Qingdao, Interfashion Sung Chang group. You can see where and how some of our ARNA work and laptop bags are made HERE.

In Feb we will also be heading out to India to meet with a group called JOYN Corp, they are a social enterprise and hand making bags. We are looking at ways to work with them to create our next range. 

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