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As an international publicist with an increasingly high profile, I’m often called a power woman - and there is no question that I work with very accomplished women across industries who truly are power women.  In this article, I want to make it clear what a “power woman” is - and by the end of it, I want you to understand that YOU are a power woman too -  to truly believe that, to understand what it means, and to give you the confidence to make the world sit up and take notice.  This is the first of two articles. In the next, we'll talk about how to get media attention, and touch a little on the responsibilities a power woman has to her community and to the world around her - because a true power woman knows it's not just about achieving personal or business goals.  

So, who is a power woman?  

She is the woman who started a business, or is taking active steps towards doing it.  She is the woman who is an active part of solving problems in her community or in the world.  She is the artist sharing her vision.  She is the woman who somehow finds the strength to get back up on her feet again after a really hard time that - almost - knocked her down.  She is the woman who is keeping it together.  She may not know it, but she is a woman who inspires.

I bet one of those describes you.   So yes, YOU are a power woman.  Now take a moment - really process that.  My work with women across industries really reflects that a lot of us don’t see ourselves as power women, even when we undeniably are.

You may be thinking, “no, not me, not really…” right about now.  We often think that those we see speaking in the media, or those we see winning awards or meeting celebrities as power women - but when the word is applied to us - we often downplay what we do - even to ourselves.  “I’m nothing special,”  you might say to yourself, “I’m just plodding along, trying to overcome obstacles, racking up some successes, just doing my own little thing…”

That might well be true - but that’s what we’re ALL doing.   I wake up every day, and go to my normal little office and sit down at my desk - and I know what I can accomplish.  And because I expect to, I make some kind of magic every day for at least one of my clients - because I’m PLANNING to, so I make it happen. 


Because I know I can do it, that’s my mindset, I have the confidence to execute the strategies I invent.

You should, too.  You need to realise you have the power to achieve your goals, to change your circumstance - and to change the world!  

If you still aren’t convinced you are a power woman, consider this - even incredibly accomplished women, renowned leaders in their field, often need to be reminded of their 'power woman' status too.  It’s not a rare thing for me to hear from women who engage me as their Publicist,  “I’m not very good at promoting myself.”  I hear that all the time and that’s because we women are socialised that way, that shyness, that impulse to minimise our accomplishments...  It’s a good part of the reason we often don’t get the credit that we deserve from others while remaining silent while shouting their own praises from the rooftops. If the idea of “tooting your own horn” makes you feel uncomfortable - remember there is a big difference between arrogance and confidence.  What I’m saying is that you really do need to recognise the power woman in you - that will fuel your future success in everything you do.

The fact that it does feel a little odd for most of us to talk about ourselves is why many people hire a publicist like me - and working with these fantastic women - who often don’t see themselves as the giants they clearly are - has given me a few more insights about power women, and how they view themselves, too.  This one has happened to me many times - one of my amazing women clients will give me all the details of their work and their leadership in their fields.  I’ll put it together in biographical format - every word true, describing their skills, awards, accomplishments, accolades and professional histories.  All taken from the information they themselves gave me.  And yet I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard from these women: “Wow, I was so amazed. Thank you! You made me sound so good.”  It’s telling that I have heard that countless times from women - but I have yet to hear that from a male client.  So again, a lot of it is our mindset - the way we think about ourselves. The way we present ourselves.  

So that’s an important lesson : even incredibly accomplished women don’t often think of themselves as power women.  But they should.  You should.

And if you are looking to brand yourself or your business, or achieve media attention or recognition for a charity, not for profit, cause, or any kind of entertainment or other project, whether you’re a business, the sole provider of a service, or the face of a brand, or brand ambassador, the first step is to build yourself up and recognise your own accomplishments and then to train yourself not to be shy about sharing your successes.
If you don’t believe in your own story - really believe that you’re just as accomplished and just as skilled or if not more so than your peers. If you don’t believe you have worthy ideas the world needs to hear. If you don’t believe that you are truly an expert in your field with a voice that needs to be heard, with a product or service of value -  why would anyone else believe it?

If you don’t believe it why would a potential client choose you over the competition, why would the media come to you for your expert opinion instead of someone else in your industry?   If you want to attract the attention of the media - or even just attract a client base that can support your dream - the very first step is believing in the person you need them to believe in.

Guest article on ARNAonline by Tracy Lamourie publicist, human rights activist, women leaders, work and laptop bags for women


Tracy Lamourie is the author of the upcoming book GET REPPED - Build Your Brand With Effective Public and Media Relations. She is a well known long time advocate on a myriad of important worldwide issues and an award-winning international publicist working across industries from major entertainment projects to small businesses.

Tracy is passionate about amplifying important messages and being a voice for those who most need one. Recognised by media around the world for her 20-year campaign that ultimately helped free an innocent man from death row to her work getting clients major media attention and for her local #community work. 

Winner of the FIRST PLACE PLATINUM award Hamilton Spectator Readers Choice for PR 2018, Diamond 2019. She also won the MARKETING award at the #MAGNETIC ENTREPRENEUR and AUTHOR AWARDS 2019 in Toronto and has been frequently quoted in the international media on both human rights issues and as a Public Relations thought leader.  She is a 2020 RBC Women of Influence Nominee and a 2020 Universal Women's Network Woman of Inspiration Nominee and was also recently nominated for the internationally prestigious 2020 Tällberg/Eliasson Global Leadership Prize.

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