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I had the privilege of attending and being invited to the Women in Leadership Lunch today at the Online Retailer event in Sydney. 

Women in leadership lunch at online retailer event 2019

I often go to these events and hear from some really inspiring people, today was no different. 

There were 4 amazing and powerful women sitting on the panel discussion which was hosted by TrustPilot. 

One of the questions that really stuck with me was - what has been one of the biggest lessons you've learned in your career so far? What I loved about this question was how each woman answered it with how they found a solution or way to move forward. 


We heard from: 

Rebecca Burrows - GM of Australia Post

Rebecca Burrows GM at Australia Post at Women in Leadership Lunch Online Retailer 2019

  • Her main lesson was getting over the desire to be liked. "In business, this is a hard lesson to learn." 
  • Rebecca mentioned her desire to be liked, embraced and included had to be shifted in her mind to a desire of being respected and have her contribution and work mean something. 
  • This is a challenge in terms of changing your thoughts and your want to be likeable, when often as a leader it's not always possible. 
  • Something else that Rebecca said that was just beautiful in her use of words was; "Think about the art of what's possible." I mean, WOW! It's so true, when you open your mind to possibilities, you can create a life or a business that is art. 


Tiffani Bova - Author of GrowthIQ and leader at Salesforce

Tiffani Bova - Author of GrowthIQ and leader at Salesforce at Women in Leadership Lunch Online Retailer 2019

  • Firstly, what a profoundly powerful presence and woman! Tiffani is just oozing wisdom and to be able to hear from her today was inspiring. 
  • A key lesson she shared was; "identifying and embracing the things I'm not good at and letting them go. Being a leader doesn't mean you have to do everything." 
  • She touched on this idea of knowing your superpower, knowing why people want to work with you, why people invite you to meetings, why customers like interacting with you, and knowing what people value about you. 
  • Tiffani said; "It was absolutely freeing for me, realising I didn't have to be great at everything and I could just double down on the things I was good at." 


Lynna Barrett - CDO at National Tiles

Lynna Barrett CDO at National Tiles - at Women in Leadership Lunch Online Retailer 2019

  • Lynna's lesson was about creating a balance between home life and work life and the type of energy she was bringing to both. She felt she worked so hard and then cam home and couldn't give much. I feel like this could resonate for so many people, both men and women! 
  • She tackled her energy at home opportunity by doing what she did best, getting a whiteboard out and making a plan. "How I will not be completely spent by the time I get home." 
  • She decided on working out more, putting in a structure to be better at home, spending more time at home, having some time to herself to listen to podcasts and learn new things too. 
  • Lynna also shared a really powerful and personal story about coming back into the workforce after having a child and feeing like she needed to hide the fact that she'd just had a baby. She explained going to an event and feeling like she was being 'caught' with her baby! It's incredible to think that we still feel like we have to hide parts of ourselves as women to rise in the ranks throughout our careers. As if, having a child holds you back. Well, Lynna has proved it doesn't have to! 


Gabriele Famous - CMO at Trustpilot

Gabriele Famous CMO at Trustpilot at Women in Leadership Lunch Online Retailer 2019

  • Gabriele's lesson is a big one, and one we can all relate to I think. It's about giving yourself the power to say NO! Especially when you want to be liked by people. 
  • She said; "I like to make people happy at work and at home, so it's really hard to say no." 
  • It's about giving people the clear reasons why you've said no and feeling comfortable with the uncomfortable. 
  • She also touched on being a strong leader means focusing on your strengths and acknowledging where you're not strong and building support and capacity around you to fill those gaps. 

This lunch was filled with really inspiring people and it was so great to see many men in the room, joining and embracing the conversation. We really need to bring the boys along for the ride and of course continue to support and promote other women. There is always room at the table for many people, and the pie can only grow when we have more diverse teams! 

Thanks for having us Online Retailer, it was a great event! 

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