First and foremost, we believe that being on sale regularly devalues the amazing products we have. We believe they are priced fairly for the amazing quality and designs. 

ARNAonline not on sale banner, not taking part in click frenzy cyber monday or black friday


If we offer huge discounts and often, we actually reduce our ability to make a profit at all. We really want to make a profit so that we can invest in amazing projects supporting women’s rights, gender equality, education and much more! If we sell our bags for less than they are now, we actually reduce our opportunity to do this. 

The brands we buy from and the designs we’ve just made ourselves, we really believe in and so we want to offer the recommended retail price prescribed by the brands and what we believe is fair. This means all customers who experience these awesome brands have the opportunity to buy them in a few different places but at the same price, making the overall experience of the brand more consistent. 

A few years ago, there were only a few sale opportunities each year like Boxing Day or end of season sales. The way people have been purchasing over the last few years, the competitive landscape of marketplaces, eCommerce and a flood of brands entering into the market due to low barriers to entry, has meant that retailers are scrambling to make money. So, naturally, everyone has been literally in a frenzy to do this. Retailers are clutching at straws to make a buck and often forgetting that the overall customer experience, branding building and connecting people is so much more important in the longterm.  

Retail has always been a fluctuating place and always will be, but if we all constantly discount then the end customer comes to realise that we don’t value our products and they wait for a time where the price is ‘right’ and don't align with brands because they feel connected to their values or purpose. What we’re doing, as an industry, is creating really bad habits from both the retailer and consumer perspective. 

We’d be happier to make fewer sales to people who really care about our brand and products, compared to lots of sales because we discounted the hell out of everything, and to a few people who wanted a bargain and thought what we had was just okay. We are over here building a brand, a movement and a tribe of people who care. 

It’s not to say we will never offer personal discounts for people or do wider promotions, but we definitely won’t be taking part in all these discount periods from every Afterpay day, to Click Frenzy to Black Friday, to Cyber Monday to Boxing Day, to seasonal discounts, to selling discounted on marketplaces… when will it end? When we the industry take a stand and value what they have to offer. 

It’s our job to share and create value for people everyday, helping people to be part of something bigger, be part of something more meaningful and to use our business to make real change for women at work.  


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