So planning ahead is always a good idea and when it comes to the beast and content engine that is social media, scheduling tools are where it's at. There are plenty on the market, some are more specialised in one platform, some a free and some are of course paid. 

Sometimes creating content can be super time consuming and it doesn't always feel productive but it is an important part of the marketing mix. In order to support your content strategy, planning ahead is ideal. 

Here's the low down on some great tools available for your social scheduling:

  • Planoly - it's an awesome tool leading the way in Instagram scheduling which was once quite a challenge. You can post 1 post a day for free through Planoly. To upgrade your plan for about $10 per month you can also post to Facebook. It's got a really easy interface so you won't need any training to work out how to use it. They've also just launched a Pinterest planning tool which seems like a first!
Planoly screenshot
  • Hootsuite - it's the OG of social media planning and listening, it can be free but it can also be the really advanced planning tool for full scope campaigns. Hootsuite allows you to schedule across all social media platforms so it's really the option if you're a large business or have a good size content team with plenty of campaigns to push through. You can get a 30 day free trial as well so you can give it a go before committing. The other cool thing about Hootsuite is that it supports the hosting of sweepstakes and competitions and it's got great analytics available. 
hootsuite website screenshot
  • Hubspot - is both a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and a great marketing tool. Hubspot offers a free trial as well but is a fairly sophistcated system and so is slightly more expensive than other options. The cool features with the Hubspot marketing tools are that you can link it to your website and easily create new landing pages, downloadable content or write blog content that's highly trackable through their analytics. You can then link all this content to a campaign on your social media platforms so you get a really full view of the success or areas to improve. You can use Hubspot to schedule social media content for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn so it gives a really broad scope. I have really enjoyed using Hubspot as tool. 

Hubspot marketing social media


So, if you want to support your content strategy with planning, great execution and analytics pick a scheduling tool. It really helps get some extra time back. I've found scheduling a minimum of 1 week ahead and a maximum of 1 month ahead is a great way to go! 

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