I have been fascinated by failure for the last six months. I’ve been reading about it, thinking about it, doing it and asking every great leader and business owner I know about it.

So, it turns out when you start to play bigger failing is all part of it. Damn what a shame…Here are my top lessons in failure and why I now know it’s so important.

  1. It humbles you – Sometimes you need that humble pie. Failing teaches you how to have compassion and how to help others when they face tough situations
  2. It helps you grow – I mean winning is great but seriously how much can you learn from it? Some of my recent failures have really helped me grow as a professional. I have learned that what makes you successful in the past won’t make you successful in the future and I have learned how resilient I really am and where my areas of growth are
  3. It can create fire in your belly – Creating fire can help fuel action. Many tiny actions are what gets you to your result. Nothing like re-channeling that energy into something positive

In short, if we were all a little less afraid of failing... imagine all the lessons we could learn. Let’s get failing and let’s talk about it more!

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