Do you feel awkward at work talking about your success or achievements?
One of the biggest habits holding women back in the workforce according to the book, How Women Rise, by Sally Helgesen, is the reluctance to talk about their achievements.
How women rise book cover by Sally Helgesen
The problem is if we don't start facing this head-on we are not going to make fast progress. Here are some tips on how to go about promoting yourself without feeling like a complete tool.
  • Find a cheerleader - team up with another woman at work who you trust and respect and knows what your goals are and how you operate. This way you can get others to talk about your achievements on your behalf.  I have spoken up in team meetings on behalf of other women and they have returned the favour. You can also help each other by creating status updates on LinkedIn and tagging people to help promote each other more widely.

People raising their hands to support each other

  • Write a status report - if you don't tell people what you are doing how will anyone know? If you don't meet weekly with your manager, make sure to write a status report either weekly or whatever frequency feels right to you. List all the projects or strides you have made. Keep tabs of these so you can use them again in a performance review and to negotiate your salary! (Read more about that here)

Status report image, book diary

  • Ask your clients for feedback - if you have close relationships with clients or internal colleagues ask them for written feedback and forward this on to your manager.  You can also ask people to write recommendations on your LinkedIn profile.
No one knows all the great things you do unless you bloody tell them. Let's get better at this together. Let's also help each other to speak up about the great things we're doing and to feel proud, no more tall poppy!

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