I am passionate about bringing diversity to the finance, technology and digital sectors in Australia. There needs to be more women at the table in these typically male dominated industries, and we need to work together as a common voice to help women rise.

What’s one thing you’d tell your younger self about getting ahead in your career?

Have more confidence in yourself and don’t be afraid to tell people about your achievements. I spent so much time worrying that people would think I was showing off, that I undersold everything I did, like it wasn’t a big deal. It’s ok to be proud of your achievements!

What’s something you’re most proud of in your career as a woman?

I’m really proud of how I was able to move into technology from a finance background and then join that knowledge to create loans.com.au. I never thought we’d be as big as we are, with so many loyal customers and a loan book size sitting at over $6billion making us bigger than some small banks!

What is one thing you will ask women to do this International Women’s Day?

Be kind to each other. We are not each other’s competition, it is up to women to lift each other up and give the much needed confidence we require to succeed. Find another on the path to success and lift her up!

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A bit more about Marie

Marie Mortimer is the Managing Director of loans.com.au, one of Australia’s largest online lenders. Marie launched loans.com.au in 2011 with the support of wholesale funder Firstmac. She has since grown it into a business with $6 billion worth of home loans under management. At the same time, Marie has been instrumental in changing the way Australians apply for home loans by moving them online and away from traditional bricks and mortar banks. Marie is passionate about developing the FinTech industry in Australia, particularly in the consumer space and is a proud Rise Up Academy Member, a global movement to increase diversity and the voice of women in financial services globally. When she isn’t at work, Marie loves to spend time with her husband and two young children.

More about loans.com.au

loans.com.au is an award-winning online lender who provides home and car loans. We have taken the hassle out of getting a loan by cutting through the old-fashioned processes of traditional lenders to put the customer in control of their finances. We are proudly 100% Australian owned, based on Brisbane QLD and offer our products in all states and territories.

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