A couple of months ago I saw a post Alanna had done on LinkedIn. I reached out to her to connect with her as I felt we really shared similar values and I wanted to speak to her to see if I get some learnings around how she had found success. One of the best things about ARNA is getting to meet and chat with successful women. One of the key threads amongst all the women I have been lucky enough to talk to is how kind and generous they all are. If we are going to shift society and move towards parity we need to do this together by lifting each other up.

We're excited to share this amazing interview with you featuring the founders of Femeconomy who are making waves supporting women in business!

Jade Collins – Mother, wife, daughter, determined dreamer. Lover of books. Background in Human Resources leadership in global organisations.

Alanna Bastin-Byrne – CEO of the house, community builder and a globetrotting nomad. Background in Marketing and Communications leadership in the UK and Australia.

About Femeconomy 

You are the female economy. Whether you are a female consumer, business owner or a woman in the workforce, create gender equality by choosing female led brands.


Why did you start your business or take the role that you're in now? 

To educate consumers, budget owners and business owners on how purchasing decisions can create gender equality.


What inspires you and gets you out of bed in the mornings? 

Alanna: coffee and my walking talking alarm clocks – my two children.

Jade: my work, and feeling that I am striving to make a better world for my daughter, and future generations... and my two cats meowing loudly for their breaky.

What's been the best lesson you've learned in business or your career and why? 

Alanna : that involving your customers in your business journey increases diversity of thought within your business and helps to create advocates for your business.

Jade: collaboration is the key to success.

Alanna Bastion-brynne and Jade Collins from Femeconomy interview for ARNA women leaders - work and laptop bags for women

What does the future look like for you? 

We've thought A LOT about this:

At my workplace
  • Work is completely flexible.
  • There are no ‘gendered’ occupations.
  • There’s no minimum working hours. You can work from anywhere.
  • Your husband calls you from his shared office with built in childcare facility and you see your family waving back at you from your watch LED screen.
  • Attendance mentality is DEAD.
  • You jump on a holographic video conference with your male job-share and share a joke about how people used to commute to work. What an absolute waste of time!
  • Your male co-worker shares how he is off next week to holiday with his family in India. They are all participating in a community project while they are there.

The Economy

The economy is flourishing. People have enough to live and retire on. There’s no gender wage or superannuation gap. Gender balanced leadership in companies has boosted GDP to untold levels of prosperity. In Queensland alone, there’s been an $87 million boost just from achieving gender equality on company boards.


  • You scan the news on your wall TV (yes they are now the size of a whole wall) and see our gender balanced and culturally diverse Federal Government speaking respectfully to each other. Listening to each other’s opinions and working out the best way forward for the country.
  • Community consultation and grassroots programs drive budgetary spend at a local, state and federal level. Sustainable energy industries flourish, driving jobs growth and advances in technology that won’t harm our planet.
  • Poverty has been alleviated. Homelessness and food waste is no longer a thing. There’s no obesity epidemic. Some of our defence budgets have been diverted to community development and international aid in the event of natural disaster relief. No Australian children are hungry, and we work to ensure other countries aren’t either. All have access to education and can learn to their level of ability.


At your weekend BBQ, there are mixed gender groups of people conversing animatedly about their meaningful, purpose driven work, our amazingly well run country and world class politicians, and how they’ve used our unprecedented economic growth to fund reforms to education, childcare and our health and aged care system.

The population of gender balanced researchers in STEM fields has led to us curing cancer! (And ALL THE OTHER DISEASES). Everyone is excited about the upcoming AFL Women’s grand final, because most of their daughters play the sport.


What is your boldest move to date? 

Alanna: busking in Brisbane mall by tap dancing.

Jade: relocating geographically 11 times in 14 years for my career.


What's one piece of advice you'd give other women in business or in their careers? 

Alanna: use your purse power and procurement power to support women-owned or women-led businesses and see how this creates a virtuous cycle to create gender equality.

Jade: whether you have a career or your own business, map out your goals of what you want to achieve at the start of each year – professionally AND personally, and the action steps that it will take to achieve them. Then create 30 minutes in your calendar each month to reflect on how you are progressing against those goals, and what action you may need to take to stay on track, including asking other people for help.

Hear more about how supporting female led businesses can help through the Femeconomy TED Talk.


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