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If you are a leader or an expert in your field, whether you like it or not, you are the Captain of your personal brand. And COVID-19, whether you are self-employed or work for a firm, is giving you an extraordinary opportunity to show real leadership and accountability.

While times are tough, the old saying rings true more than ever - when the going gets tough, the tough get going!

This is no time to shy away, lament or bury your head in the sand, however, whoever you are, COVID-19 will have impacted your circumstances. Your personal brand is out there for all to see and how you act, behave, pivot and reinvent in this period is testament to your character and how you seize opportunity to emerge stronger and succeed.

This IS a good time to review who you are and what you want to represent. In today’s new normal and with the unprecedented changes requiring us to adapt almost by the hour, it’s never been more important to define, protect, evolve and differentiate your personal brand, image and expertise.

Going back to basics – they still ring true

Do you buy from people you don’t trust? Do you return to places where an individual has shown you bad service? Have you been in a business meeting where a person has looked disinterested or tired? Have you made decisions about a person from what you read about them on social media? 

If you answered yes, join the millions who are judging others from perceptions about their personal brand and even more than ever, their online presence during this turn to a more virtual world.

Your personal brand is a tangible asset

Today, your personal brand along with the brand value of your company still appears on the balance sheet as a tangible asset. It has a direct effect on shareholder value. You create an acute perception in the mind of customers and prospects which encourages an emotional and loyal attachment. This commitment is what you need, now more than ever, to get through this pandemic period.

Your digital resume speaks before you do

I encourage you to take hold of your personal brand with purpose and increase your digital presence.  Your effort can create an immediate upswing in business as people take more notice of you, your expertise, reputation, the brand you work for and your proposition.

COVID-19 has created more opportunity than you may realise

The pandemic has wiped out many businesses and amongst them are your competitors. So, this IS the time to put the word out there – on and with purpose – to get the recognition and brand awareness you deserve. Seize this moment to examine the market and capitalise on strategic opportunities. Make advantageous connections, communicate with your network, leverage spheres of influence, pivot your purpose and crystalise your messaging.

Your business needs good people

If you care, your employees should care. People want to work with people they respect and feel empowered by.  

They want to know what their boss or teammates stand for clearly, which is why the personal brand of each and every one of your team is important to encourage and grow, alongside your own. Invite them to do so and eventually your faith and confidence in them will help them grow and establish their brands, alongside you.

Take a quick audit of your own digital resume and make a judgement of how you are perceived – is your effort ‘’sitting’’ right with you? If yes, congratulations, but if not, this is the time to start making solid and positive change. Whether it’s fitness, a better sales pitch, revised presentations or better database management by making those calls to people you know you should contact. A positive change in any of these areas has the power to make or break your business.

Happily, ever after…

I find that if a personal brand is true to itself, transparent and open, it flourishes. As I always say, putting your personal brand out there means to just be yourself, but with and on purpose.

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