A guest article by Dhara Singh

To the woman who was shamed for having too many interests or was told to pick one thing and stick with it, when that wasn’t her -- you are a golden treasure. You are a part of a tribe of women like me, who were never meant to just stick with one thing. 

I know what it feels like wavering through life’s tumultuous course being misunderstood for juggling multiple interests or picking up a new challenge seconds after finishing an old one.  Or even after quickly abandoning one. 

They’ll ask you why you’re unsure of yourself or advise you to “pick one thing and stick with it”, but that was never you. 

Reinvention. Creation. Curiosity. These words colour your beautiful and transformative portrait. 

You’re meant to experience the inner, outer and hidden facets of life. More so than the average person. It’s an innate part of your story. 

After all, you can’t help but feel exhilarated by all that life has to offer. 

Dhara Singh guest article - ARNAonline - women leaders, work and laptop bags for women, ARNA fashion, women entrepreneurs

Why I know what you must be feeling

In 2017, I was a financial operations analyst a year into the workforce, but during my four hour NJ Transit commutes I was expressing myself through poetry. I’d open my iPhone’s notepad application and start pouring the frustrations, emotions and ambiguities of the day. 

Dhara Singh guest article - ARNAonline - women leaders, work and laptop bags for women, ARNA fashion, women entrepreneurs

One by one I’d post my poems on Instagram, starting with Tell Her She’s Lovely and be swept away by the positive comments. It was only natural then that the thought of publishing my own anthology was planted one day. (It was just released this year)

It was this time too that I was looking into Journalism Graduate School and to begin a career transition into writing for a top outlet. 

You’d also catch me writing freelance articles for Browngirlmagazine and running a book blog, where I’d post photos taken by my DSLR. 

The beauty of this chaos was that it was an indicator of my multifaceted nature and the ability to juggle multiple projects. 

If you resonate with finding fulfilment by experiencing multiple hobbies or projects, we’re in the same boat. 

The success in all your ebbs and flows

Today I work as a financial journalist, have recently published my first ever anthology of poems ‘Tell Her She’s Lovely” (which ranked 65 on the literary diaries and journals Amazon bestselling list) and started LifeResume LLC, a life coaching business. 

If I hadn’t embraced my diverse interests back in 2017, there wouldn’t be a financial journalist gig, a book of poetry or even a life coaching business to exist with. 

Each experience intertwined with the next brought another. If I hadn’t welcomed my love for creative writing on train rides, I wouldn’t have written a book in retrospect. If I hadn’t contributed random articles, I wouldn’t have gotten into journalism school. Lastly, if I hadn’t taken these transformative leaps of faith I wouldn’t have experiences to share with people through my LifeResume coaching business. 

But it isn’t even my own experiences alone that can showcase how powerful being a Renaissance Soul is. Sometimes there’s a world of abundance we can unlock. 

If you have read Renaissance Soul by Margaret Lobenstine or are planning to, she gives five economic benefits of multifaceted folk like you and I.

The first is that our passion makes us sparkle. Whether you want to take that as literal radiance or simply an uplifting spirit, we pour our all into each creative challenge. It shows in our enthusiasm, our ability to think on our feet and even helps others pursue their interests.

The second she puts is that we have an ability to embrace change unlike any other. In a day and age like this when more than 50 million Americans have been laid off due to the pandemic, the Renaissance Souls will step into their resourceful power and find ways to bridge income gaps. This can mean starting a business from scratch or selling inventory from their homes. They aren’t afraid to dig deep, because it’s actually kind of fun. 

The third reason is you’re more likely to be a successful entrepreneur, she says since wearing multiple hats is only natural to you. The fourth relates to the third where your love of variety will make you an excellent project manager. And last, but not least you’re a gem of a job candidate due to your ability to engross yourself in new language and cultures. 

My last call to action for you

The next time you are hard on yourself for being attracted to different career paths, for suddenly waking up one day wanting to be someone else or wanting to add another hobby to your list, take a deep breath.

You are a gem my friend. 

To do lists most likely won’t work for you and to be honest you probably won’t be understood by more than half of your circle. But you have to follow where your energy flows and honour that to your fullest potential. This doesn’t mean dropping every project you start, but knowing when it’s time to let go of something and to pick up something else. 

There are a million ways to creatively intertwine your passions to add more abundance into your life and those answers lie within. So take a deep breath, it’s all happening for a reason. 

After all your Renaissance Soul nature was never a problem, you just weren’t aware it was your natural identity. Now go honoir it!


About Dhara Singh

Dhara Singh is the New Jersey based, South Asian author of the book Tell Her She’s Lovely, an Anthology, a three chapter collection of transformative poetry. The collection describes her journey from seeking self-validation for her Renaissance Soul nature (changing careers, letting go of relationships) to one of embracing her inner compass. You can follow her poetic and Renaissance Soul journey on Instagram (@dsinghx). 

She is also the founder of LifeResume LLC coaching where she helps others unearth their authentic standout story and design a life around their greater calling. She runs one on one coaching packages and the free LifeResume Facebook Community.

She has a Master’s from Columbia Graduate School of Journalism and a finance degree from Rutgers University, where she also had a minor in African, Middle Eastern, South Asian Languages and Literatures.  

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