This year my sister Tash and I interviewed over 40 women on our blog ARNA News and podcast ARNA Talks. We asked a range of questions about their success and what advice they would give to other women. We spoke to business leaders, entrepreneurs, movement starters and change makers from around the world.

Here is a collection of very inspiring call to action statements! If you find yourself needing some courage look no further.

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“Be bold.” Kelly Bertrand from Capsule

“My Maori friend, Aunty Annie (Annie Te Whiu) taught me about Mana, I don't know a First Nations language word equivalent in Australia. Mana in my interpretation is a word which refers to a wealth of things but among them spiritually influential courageous power that is humble, grounded and transformational. It is my hope that Womxn embody mana, that they know their profound power, that they sit in that space and create from it, and that they guide others to being in their own ancestral ground shaking, heart-beating mana too.” Kirli Saunders

“Even if you doubt yourself, just get out there and do what you want. Don't let a fear of failure hold you back from doing what inspires you.” Caitlin Howarth

“Sisterhood. We have to look after each other and be strong together.” Paola Magni

“Don't stop fighting and call people out on their BS.” Jessi and Millie

“Be brave in your decisions - choose YOU, seek help when your gut says too, it's ok to set boundaries and choose rest, go somewhere quiet with your soul and listen in - she's always right. If you died today... would you be happy with the last day of your life?” Julie Cooper, Raising the Sisterhood 

“Live in the Purpose.” Kimberly Lawson

“Who were you before the world told you who to be?” Elaina Mullery

“To embrace their bodies and stop giving a shit about what others think.” Sally McWilliam, Personal Trainer

“Be in the moment! find purpose in just ONE day - TODAY - and your life becomes automatically purpose FULL.” Viktoriia Miracle

“Be your own life's architect & builder. Write your dreams/vision (the blueprint) then execute (build it)!” Elizabeth Davis - Shedavi

“Help us to Share the Dignity? Or find something your passionate about and do more of that.” Rochelle Courtenay - Share the Dignity

“Tell your story! The #OurVoiceMatters shared stories of women who are creating history every day.” Altovise Pelzer - World Voice League

“Never be afraid to ask for what you deserve. Never be afraid to take a risk (what's the worst that can happen?), and remember to embrace your feminine as well as your masculine to work in harmony and achieve all you dream of.” Kara de Schot

“We have to support each other, there are too many forces working against us. So, be kind to one another. Lift each other up, instead of finding reasons to cut each other down. Often, women in the workplace are too competitive with each other and can be harder on each other than the men are to them. We are a force when we work together, working against each other is a waste of time.” Jennie Sager, Nextdoor

“Exhale & believe in yourself. If you want to do it, do. This is not our practice life.” Rachelle Stirling, Race Chix Motorsports

“Make a name for yourself, then out grow it and Don't Play small!” Fleur Madden from Freelancing Gems

“To start making YOU your biggest priority. Stop putting everyone else's needs and happiness before your own, and start putting your own happiness and fulfilment first. To be your own best friend and support yourself like you would your friends - whatever that looks like. Also, to allow yourself to truly feel whatever it is you need to, and then move through it with curiosity.” Jaci Rogash Coach

“Own your power in your own being and in your space.” Nikki Klugh - Interior Design

“Be brave. But realise that bravery often comes disguised as vulnerability. This vulnerability might be in relationships, it might be in taking risks, or just letting go of striving for control over our lives. So many women grow up trying to be strong that we put up all kinds of protective mechanisms and forget how to let others in. Don’t be afraid to let those people you trust really know you, weaknesses and all. It’s ok to invite people into the mess of your life and see the person behind the veneer, as it so often frees people to be a bit messy themselves.

If 2020 is teaching us anything, it’s that so often, we are NOT in control and that it’s not all about us and our plans. There is a whole community and a big world and out there that needs our time, love and attention. We have to just get up each day, respond to what’s thrown at us with patience, perseverance and grace and do the best we can to care for those around us.” Karen Stephen, SurePayd

“Vote with your credit card when it comes to shoes. Buy the ones which feel good as well as look good. We're being exploited by (particularly male) designers, who believe that beauty = pain. In fact, pain distracts us from the change we could be making in the world, and also from having a good time!” Susannah Davda - The Shoe Consultant

“Be brave, trust yourself and support each other.” Samantha White - Stellar Car Insurance

"It is your time to shine. Be bold, be brave, be seen."

“Entrepreneurship is a great path for women to forge their own way, with no politics and a much more even playing field than corporate life. Consider its advantages if you feel stuck in your career or have a burning desire to take control of your own destiny!” Sharon Melamed

“Create community over entertaining competition.” Tamara Reid, Beaute Industry

“Ownership! We have a divine connection to our earth and to the universe. Everything we need is already held within us. It is time our voices are heard.” Latoya Jade

“Raise up mentally and challenge yourself so that you begin to understand how much of a divine essence you are. Women are the beginning and we should act accordingly.” Lacresha Hayes

“Remember she is human. Invite her to sit with you and don't be afraid that you will lose something if you help her.” Natasje Garbers

“You can do it! Get up! Listen to your gut feeling and have a community that will support you UP :)” Paula Mills

“When you want something, whether it is in life or at work, you have to put yourself forward and give it your best shot. Don't let fear stop you from giving things a go.” Samantha Dybac

“You need to take yourself seriously and stand up for yourself. It is not going to be easy, but if you really want something enough, you can achieve anything you want. Don't ever give up. I have an example of this when I was young working at JP Morgan and wanted to be part of the graduate program.

I was told I was not good enough and not what they were looking for. I was a girl from Western Sydney, not a private schoolboy. I was so damn persistent. It took me about 2 years of hard work and lobbying for my rights at every opportunity but I ended up on the graduate program and got to train on Wall Street in New York for 3 months. It is still probably one of the highlights of my career. If you don't ask, you will never know, and if you don't like what you hear, challenge it. You may have to work harder to prove yourself, but that will only make you so much prouder when you achieve your goals.” Joanne McCauley

“You can do anything - put your mind to it and be true to yourself, about your passion and your why, and this will result in success.” Kerry Zarb

“Back yourself and be yourself. There’s more than one way to skin a cat, and women often bring to the discussion, a different way of looking at issues that men sometimes overlook or discount.” Narelle King

“Allow yourself grace but don't stop pursuing your goals. The world needs your energy, your power, your expertise. Share your journey with others.” Tonya Robertson

“Think first react last.” Electra S. Davis

“Be yourself.” Jaci Hicken

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