We launched ARNA in April 2019, as 2 sisters living in Bondi and working full time. We have a vision to change the stories women see and tell about themselves in society and our mission is to empower women to make bold decisions. Today, we launch our first ARNA campaign sharing stories of 4 powerful women featuring our new work and laptop bag collection. 

Our amazing talent in our Bold Moves campaign!!!

ARNA bold moves campaign launch 2020 featuring 4 women leaders for their collection, womens work and laptop bags 

  • Sara Saleh - activist, author of Arab Australian Other, poet, lawyer and board member for Get Up!
  • Kylee Stone - Founder and CEO of Team Women Australia and The Performance Code, a storyteller and leadership coach for women. 
  • Kamilaroi sisters; Marlee and Keely Silva - founders of Tiddas4Tiddas telling stories of Indigenous female excellence. 

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The campaign #BoldMoves takes a deep dive into each woman’s life and work, the struggles they have faced, their views on gender equality, what they’ve overcome and their boldest moves to date. 

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Throughout the coming months, their stories and ideas will be shared across ARNA channels, through videos, podcasts, imagery, writing where we will slowly uncover what it is to be a passionate, courageous woman in our time and what we can do to work towards gender equality. 

Sisters arianne and natasha ritz launch their first campaign called bold moves featuring 4 powerhouse women - women leaders, work and laptop bags for empowered women

A comment from Tash: We are pushing boundaries and uplifting the voices of these absolute powerhouses. It is our duty and honour to create a platform where all women can share their stories and where we can change the face of what we see in the media today. We are sharing their stories in a real, authentic way, we are not photoshopping their images and we are presenting each individual exactly as they are and exactly how they should be. It’s time for changes in fashion and in retail, it’s time for women to step up, be accountable and make bold moves to see and be the change that we want in the world.

Our call to action for women is to take one #BoldMove, even when you’re scared or feel you have barriers. Take that stance, make that move and act, so that we can have gender parity, so that we can see stories that truly represent us in the media and so that we can take leadership positions where we are empowered to make real changes.

A comment from Arianne: when I was growing up I didn’t see many stories of women achieving or accomplishing amazing things in society. The images we saw of women in retail and media were unrealistic and have created a lot of underlying social issues for women of my generation. I think as women we need to start re-creating our own narrative. We want to show women from all walks of life, really making a difference. We want the next generation of women to care and focus on things that matter. We are sharing stories of women breaking boundaries and making bold moves in order to inspire women to keep taking action.

ARNA isn’t your usual kind of retailer or brand, we might sell beautifully made work and laptop bags for women but we are actively working towards creating opportunities for women all over the globe. 

Donating 1% of all profits to women’s charities in Australia from our inception, ensuring that we support women in every single way we can. Read more here. We have created a variety of workshops and presented keynotes helping women be accountable and change the behaviours that are holding them back. We are focused on starting internally with a powerful view that making real change starts with YOU. 

Read a quick quote from each of the women in our campaign:

Why did you take part in the #BoldMoves campaign with ARNA? 

Sara Saleh; 

“When we uplift other womxn, we all rise, we unlock our power and possibility. The fierce women behind ARNA embody this spirit in all that they do - they're not just here to shake the table, but to break it...and that's the kind of future I am interested in helping to create.

We must together reimagine and create the worlds we cannot live without, just as we dismantle the worlds we cannot live within. The function of the freedom we have, is to help free.”

Sara Saleh featuring in ARNA's campaign bold moves 2020 women leaders, work and laptop bags

Kylee Stone; 

“I love the theme #BoldMoves - the access to achieving our dreams and realising our greatest potential in life comes down to our willingness to make a bold move.

It doesn't come from fixing or changing anything about ourselves, nor does it come from fixing or changing anything in our environment, nor fixing and changing the way other people are. We are not born confident or courageous. We become confident and courageous when we take action despite what we think, how we feel or even what we believe. 

Simply put, our success in life - creating a life that aligns with our purpose, values, hopes and dreams, comes down to our own willingness to take action despite what's happening around us.  That's a bold move!” 

Kylee Stone coach and CEO of team women Australia featuring in the ARNA bold moves campaign for 2020, women leaders, work and laptop bags for women

Marlee and Keely Silva; 

"We were thrilled to be involved in the #BoldMoves campaign with ARNA because we're passionate about women’s stories and their voices being heard.

We proudly align ourselves with brands like ARNA that are committed to a greater cause and find so much joy and inspiration in being surrounded by like-minded females from all walks of life. 

Mostly, we want all women and girls to stand strong together, to hear the messages that come through this campaign and know their power. We each have the ability within us to make positive change in the world and we can only do it if we see those around us as our sisters, not our competitors."  

Marlee and Keely Silva - founders of Tiddas4Tiddas a channel telling Aboriginal women's stories - ARNA campaign Bold Moves 2020 women leaders work and laptop bags


So queens, what bold move will you make today, this week, this month, this year, this decade and this life? 


 Make your pledge now because you're a bold moving, badass! 

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