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Tell us about yourself.

Tamara Reid is an entrepreneur and community creator. In 2012 Tamara worked and travelled on board Steiner Cruise Ships and in 2014 was an Educator with Australia's largest day spa franchise endota spa. In 2017 Tamara was the youngest BDM to look after 5 states across Australia and New Zealand for Laser Clinics Australia and Skinstitut and in 2018 founded Beaute Industrie, Australia’s first online support community for the professional beauty industry.

Tamara hosts the Internationally successful Beaute Industrie podcast which reaches over 60K ears weekly, as well as running National Networking brunch events and recently has created the first industry recognised, inclusive mentoring and education platform for the professional beauty industry, BEAUTECADEMY.

Arna talks interview with Tamara reid founder of beaute industrie, women leaders, work and laptop bags for women

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do? What's your purpose? 

I am the Founding Director of Beaute Industrie, which is Australia's first and largest online support community for the professional beauty industry. In April 2018 I started the business because the beauty industry was bitchy, competitive and saturated in fear between business owners for stealing clients and staff. In March 2019 I was forced out of my full time National role due to 'conflict of interest' where I had high powered men and women telling me 'my little business' would not make it. Within 3 months the business was profitable and a further 3 months on top of that I had surpassed my corporate full time wage - not such a little business anymore!

Today, Beaute Industrie supports a community of 10 thousand business owners, hosts national networking events and independently podcasts to over 60k ears per episode weekly. In March 2020 I was named finalist of the Telstra Business Womens Awards for the state of Queensland - National finals yet to be held. Our values of community, connection, culture and conversation have changed the way the professional beauty industry behaves and we are impacting the lives of brands, business owners and teams who can create impact with their clients.

What is something you've learned about yourself this year? 

My word this year is 'considered'. Partnerships, decisions, communication and perspective.

What do you love about yourself? 

I love that I am flexible and adaptable. I'm a gemini moon sun and rising which is definitive of flexibility. In my team development sessions I ask beauty therapists to write down 10 things they are amazing at. The first thing that pops into their mind is 10 things they're bad at or suck at or cant do. It's human nature and we need to rewire ourselves to focus on what we know is factual - not what our inner voice tells us.

When we do reach gender equality, what does this world look like to you? 

Balanced and validated.

What do you believe are the behaviours that hold women back? 

As women we have so many thoughts running around in our minds - I refer to this as the mental load. Dinner, kids lunch boxes, husbands uniform, work emails, social media, perception etc. Telling ourselves we need to be all of thes e things yet not giving ourselves the rest, time and space to do so is a behaviour that we need to change.

What has been your boldest move to date? 

In the beginning of Beaute Industrie I had a full time National position, which allowed me to move states from Melbourne to Brisbane in December, but unfortunately once I had moved to Brisbane, the company decided that my business as a threat in February 2019 and within 24 hours I found myself with an ultimatum to stop Beaute Industrie or loose my job so I walked away without a job within the next 48.

This was one week before my wedding and within the next two months my husband lost his job. We were in a new state with no jobs, and didn’t know anyone. Just 3 months after I let that job go I made double what I was earning with Beaute Industrie becoming a flourishing community for the industry and I now consult back to that company who saw my brand as a threat! Bullying, mental health, physical stress etc all played a massive part across those times.

What's your call to action for women? 

Create community over entertaining competition.

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