Rachelle Stirling is passionate about all things motorsport, including increasing female participation in the male dominated sport. Rachelle is the Founder of Race Chix Motorsport, is on the Board of Australian Racing Drivers Club (ARDC) that powers Sydney Motorsport Park and is an Ambassador of the International Women's Motorsport Association.

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do? What's your purpose?

Up until January this year, I was working full time as an Operations Manager in the sustainable packaging industry. After being made redundant I decided to focus my career on my passion and focus all my energy is starting on my own business. I started Race Chix Motorsport last year but it was only a side hustle and I really only spent time on it when I had the time.

What is something you've learned about yourself this year? 

The main thing I've learned this year is that 'yes I can do this'. Starting my own business & 100% relying on myself is scary and forces me out of my comfort zones on so many levels. The best way I think I can explain it is feeling exposed. When putting yourself out there and taking a risk there's nothing to hide behind.

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What do you love about yourself?

I love that I've got the guts to do what I'm doing. I've started the first business dedicated to increasing female participation in motorsport in Australia.

When we do reach gender equality, what does this world look like to you? 

I think when we do reach true gender equality, the issue of gender equality won't be a topic for discussion. We won't need the many businesses & communities like ours dedicated to empowering & supporting women. There's a long way to go though before we do ourselves out of a job :)

What do you believe are the behaviours that hold women back? 

Oh so many! Lack of confidence, not believing that we're worth spending money on & investing in ourselves, second guessing ourselves - a lot!, comparing ourselves to others, listening to others, thinking we have to stick with social norms, keeping toxic people in our lives.

What has been your boldest move to date?

Giving up the financial security of full time work to start my own business. Also starting the first national motorsport training school for women. Yesterday I launched Race Chix Race School which is another scary adventure I've embarked on.

What's your call to action for women? 

Exhale & believe in yourself. If you want to do it, do. This is not our practice life.

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