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ARNA Talks to Lalay Hassan all about her life and journey so far!


My name is Lalay Hassan and I am from Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. I am a second year International Student at the university of Adelaide. I have five elder sisters and one younger brother. Growing up in a country like Pakistan, I have always been very passionate and vocal about equal right. Pakistan has one of the biggest rallies on Women’s Day known as “Aurat March” and I have been participating in the rally actively for the past few years.

After studying economics in intermediate, I discovered my true passion for the field as the art of policy making fascinated me a lot, I was very intrigued to learn about different economic trade policies of different countries. I was always very keen to learn about how different financial institutions around the world operate and I have always been good with numbers and economics is perfect blend of both my passions so I decided to take it up as a professional career and started my Bsc (Hons) in Economics from Kinnaird College.

Studying on campus on you’re an international student is a completely different experience. Pakistan is not a very culturally diverse country. One of the reasons why I wanted to study in Australia was to learn about different cultures, to study in a diverse environment as it gives students a kind of a global exposure, which id very important in the practical life, unfortunately, studying online hasn’t been the experience I was looking for but I am very thankful to my university for making it as comfortable for us as they can.

I have been studying economics since high school and have been worked in fields related to economics so when I got a chance to intern at non- economic field, I grabbed it as I believe it is vital to have some exposure of the fields other than your degree.

I am very glad that I decided to do an internship in marketing. I got to learn so much about this field and not just theoretically but also practically.

Publishing my article gave me an insight about how much hard work goes into publishing of a single article, about how different websites work, the algorithms behind promotional posts. It was a great learning experience for me so much so that I am hoping to do my MBA in marketing one day.

I feel like this article was a source for me to realize my goal again and work towards it. While doing the research for the article I came across so many things we don’t know about or choose to ignore that are happening in our society on daily basis. It helped me in recognizing my privilege and gave me a platform and motivation to use this privilege to help young girls.

I think the most important thing the women need to do is to actually support each other instead of bringing each other down. I feel like there is no stronger power than women supporting each other. There are two types of women, the ones that are privileged and ones that are not. Women like me, need to use this privilege wisely for the benefit of the other half. The other half need to be do a lot more research about their rights and be more aware of the platforms available for their support and fight for their rights in whatever way they can.

I feel like this is a very academic answer but the thing I love the most about myself is how I handle difficult situations and my ability to work under pressure in them.

Recently I published an article about gender inequality in Pakistan and I am very proud of that.

I want the women to become more aware of the rights given to them both by the constitution of their country and their religion. Do their own research instead of settling down on whatever’s told to them by other people.

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