Julie Cooper is a writer, host of Raising the Sisterhood podcast, facilitates workshops to empower the sisterhood and founder of social enterprise Sœur (pronounced SIR) where every robe sold gives back to creative women in business. 

Listen to our inspiring and insightful chat with Julie on our podcast:

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do? What's your purpose? 

My purpose is to help raise the sisterhood by empowering women to step into their roles as divine feminine leaders.

Julie Cooper, has worked in the media industry for over 15 years, working with the biggest brands in the world including Sephora, Lush, MAC, Huawei, Coca Cola, MECCA and more. Julie pioneered the Social Media and Influencer movement in New Zealand, dedicating over ten years to learning about all the social media platforms, traveling overseas to keep up with the social media powerhouses such as Facebook and Instagram, while managing some of the biggest brand deals globally.

As a manager to the top social influencers in New Zealand, Julie could see the power in helping influencers create their own paths and disrupting traditional media. Julie fought the good fight for Social Influencers’ by having their talent’s recognised by global companies & mainstream media; and created processes/systems to lead the change.

From her years of study (under-grad & post-grad) plus real-world education - Julie loves to learn and is now able to share her knowledge through her workshops; where she couples her academic knowledge with 20 years of business experience.

Julie started with her first profitable business at 10 years old selling lemonade then by thirteen onwards she launched into hospitality, retail, brand activations, managing a dance studio, photographer, radio, events, public relations to fashion. Now forging her own path, Julie has tapped into her creativity and feels at home writing - her first book to be released 2021 - and supporting the sisterhood through her Podcast Raising the Sisterhood, managing Sœur - a social enterprise to help women in creative businesses, and custom workshops.

What is something you've learned about yourself this year? 

About myself, that I will be forever evolving. The human mind is a complex tool; that through time, understanding and empathy, we can all learn more and more about ourselves to heal and evolve without any judgment. Times will be tough, as feelings/trauma is revealed, however as we are nature we can all self-heal and grow into better versions of ourselves. We cry, therefore we are the sea We breathe, therefore we are the trees We radiate light, therefore we are the sun We are nature - Julie Cooper, October 2020

What do you love about yourself? 

I love my love for others. That feeling when I see people and they feel my love or see my smile. My "I see you" community, motherly vibe.

When we do reach gender equality, what does this world look like to you? 

The world would look calm; a sense of ease and grace. No distaste, judgement or maliciousness to get to the top. No more comparing; just acceptance. Inclusivity, people asking questions to get to know others :)

"Have the courage to connect with others that are on a different life path than you. So together you can unlearn all prejudice conditioning and relearn the true meaning of genuine connections” - JULIE COOPER

What do you believe are the behaviours that hold women back? 

The lack of confidence or self-worth. I see it, I was one of them. Hiding behind others success was 'easier' and to step into your power is scary; but it's worth it.

What has been your boldest move to date? 

Leaving my comfortable job, travelled the world, on return studying two Masters, selling my entire life, starting again. Literally from scratch. Living alone for a year, and feeling. That's the boldest move - letting myself feel.

What's your call to action for women? 

Be brave in your decisions - choose YOU, seek help when your gut says too, it's ok to set boundaries and choose rest, go somewhere quiet with your soul and listen in - she's always right. If you died today... would you be happy with the last day of your life?

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