Listen to our ARNA Talks Podcast episode with Elizabeth Davis, the founder of Shedavi. 

Elegance. Sophistication. Luxury. When Elizabeth Davis’ name is spoken in any room, you can be assured that the conversation is next-level. Hailing from the near Southside of Chicago, IL., Elizabeth Davis is the Queen of Healthy Haircare. Her passion for beauty and business is unparalleled as she is the commander in chief of one the nations most valued haircare brands, Shedavi.

With a Bachelor’s degree from Florida A&M University in Construction Engineering Technology, Elizabeth made her mark in the building industry by managing multi-million-dollar construction projects for various well-known corporate clients. 

Although she is an engineer and project manager by education and work experience, she is most enthusiastic about Shedavi, which provides natural, botanically-based holistic hair, skin and nail products to women, men and children of all hair types globally.

Elizabeth is a woman of faith. She attributes everything she has and everything she is to become to her reliance in a higher power. To Elizabeth, the source of her success stems from God. She believes that faith in action is the only way to level up and win.

ARNA talks to Elizabeth Davis founder of Shedavi Haircare, female founders, women leaders, podcast, interview work and laptop bags for women

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do? What's your purpose? 

As an engineer, project manager and entrepreneur I find it my obligation to contribute my knowledge, leadership abilities and life skills to the world. One of my goals is to have myself and/or my brand improve the environment & life of others globally. This will be done through sharing my life's story, inspiring others to be their best selves and using Shedavi to improve one's self-confidence image.

What is something you've learned about yourself this year? 

That I should share more.

What do you love about yourself? 

I love my ability to be resilient, make educated decisions and plan for the foreseeable future.

ARNA talks to Elizabeth Davis founder of Shedavi Haircare, female founders, women leaders, podcast, interview work and laptop bags for women

When we do reach gender equality, what does this world look like to you? 

Once gender equality is reached, the world would like like this: equal pay for men and women based on performance and merit. The good old boys club won't exist. The entire world would be educated, open and welcoming to those who are not like themselves.

What do you believe are the behaviours that hold women back? 

Most behaviours that hold women back are subconscious self-sabotaging & society-base beliefs such as: I don't have what it takes to achieve this goal, I need a relationship title to feel like I'm somebody important (mother, sister, wife), and many more.

What has been your boldest move to date? 

The boldest move I ever made was to bet on myself.

What's your call to action for women? 

Be your own life's architect & builder. Write your dreams/vision (the blueprint) then execute (build it)!

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