Susie Bayes is currently the Head of Partnerships & Philanthropy at The Guardian here in Australia. We were lucky enough to get the opportunity to interview Susie to hear a bit about her experience in her career so far. 

Susie Bayes - Head of Partnerships and Philanthropy at The Guardian

Why did take the role that you're in now? 
Purpose 2015 was a wake-up call for me, I realised that I was in a position of influence with brands looking to The Guardian for expertise on how to connect with people. I was working within Guardian Labs, the content team and creating great brand content, but I suddenly realised how much better it could be. We know our readers are busy but well-intentioned, they look to us for advice as to how to have the best impact they can within the limited time they have available.
Purpose event in 2015, bring brands with purpose together

If we help brands connect with them around their deeply-held values and intentions to have a positive impact, then the brand, the reader and The Guardian all benefit and are helped towards their objectives. Now we're at a point where brands are trying to live their values too and where their communication with their audience is scrutinised. If you're trying to be authentic but advertising where hate speech is rife, how does that make your audience feel about you? I'm excited to work somewhere where we walk the walk too and can genuinely help brands on this journey.

What inspires you and gets you out of bed in the mornings? 
Believing that what I do today, and every day can have a positive impact on the world. Doing it surrounded by people who believe that too and are committed to it.

What's been the best lesson you've learned in business or your career and why?
The best leaders are focussed on empowering and creating leaders of those around them and creating positive, purpose-driven solutions for our challenges. This is the true meaning of leadership and one that is finally coming of age - those who don't realise this will be left behind.
The guardian offices in sydney

What does the future look like for you?
I am committed to creating the most impact I can using the skills that I have and helping others do the same. Once you've found this possibility it's hard to go back. Where exactly I will be doing that in 5, 10 years, I'm not yet sure but I imagine it to be increasingly influencing positive business behaviour at a board level.

What's one piece of advice you'd give other women in their careers? 
Connect with people around you and reach out to people through Linkedin. Meet everyone you can and realise you can learn from everyone around you. It's so important to keep up with new ideas and possibilities and those people will help lift you up and strengthen your plans.

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