Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do? What's your purpose? 

We tell love stories. People think of videographers as documenting the things that happened at the wedding. While that is part of what we do, there is so much more storytelling in every angle we choose and every clip we edit. When an artist creates something, inevitably their unconscious bias will leek onto the final product. This is why it is important to have feminist leading the wedding video industry.


Marriage is an institution and industry that has traditionally been entirely in service of the patriarchy. We want to re-frame modern love stories for humans now and for future generations. When the children of the brides we work with watch their mother’s wedding video we want them to see the powerful femininity they came from.

Listen to our podcast chat with Ilana and Melissa here. 


What is something you've learned about yourself this year? 

Ilana: I have learned that just because you beat imposter syndrome once doesn’t mean it’s gone. Living boldly is a choice you have to keep making every moment. It’s scary and rewarding just like making art.

What do you love about yourself? 

Melissa: I love my ability to make people feel comfortable, which really helps when filming weddings. I am an open person, and I think that makes the people we film feel safer and more open to sharing their intimacy with us.



When we do reach gender equality, what does this world look like to you? 

No one cares about gender because no gender has any more power than another. The entire gender spectrum is represented and respected. The people who really care about gender today are the ones who believe in a gender hierarchy, and who assign power to specific genitalia (or perceived genitalia).

What do you believe are the behaviours that hold women back? 

Caring what men think. If you have the privilege of not being owned by a man anymore. Exercise your right to not give a shit! Judging other women through the lense of the male gaze. Taking all that caring about what men think and then projecting on to other women. It’s a very toxic cycle. Believing that they deserve to absorb others trauma instead of speaking up for themselves and putting themselves first.

Capitalism and toxic marketing towards women. Women spend money on things because they’re being told they're not enough. But women are actually a very powerful part of the global economy. We need to vote with our wallets. Buy from other women. Buy local. Gays say “keep it in the family” so spend your money supporting your sistas!

What has been your boldest move to date? 

Melissa: One of my boldest moves recently was jumping into the ocean at night at the bio bay. I was very scared, but I did it, and it was definitely worth it. And not even scary as I thought it would be.

Ilana: Coming out to my family as queer and then also as poly. Starting my own business would be third on that list I think.

What's your call to action for women? 

Be gay as possible. We understand it’s not accessible to every woman but more than you think. Femininity is powerful. It is wild and caring. It bleeds and it creates. It dances and rages. You are not powerful despite your femininity, you are powerful because of it. Let your inner hedonist out.

Take your clit for a spin. Have good sex. Women starve themselves of so much. The most rebellious thing we can do against the systems that wants to keep us down is to have joy. And have it loudly! 

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