I've been lucky enough to get to work with Erin in 2019 supporting the PR for Parcelpoint, my current full time role. It's been awesome working together to help  grow the business and I've admired the amazing support her and her team from Modern Currency provide and the fantastic business she has built! 

Why did you start your business or take the role that you're in now? 

Initially, I wanted to create a business that encapsulated how I see the communications industry – different, integrated and tangible; more than fluff, more than traditional media coverage, and something that can garner real change for a brand. I’ve always been an incredibly driven person who doesn’t switch off, so creating something that was ‘mine’ is something I believe has always been in my blood and on the cards for me. I've worked both in-house and in agency, and what became incredibly evident was that there is a big divide between agencies and clients - they're expected to work together and have the same goals, but they really didn't 'get' each other.


So our mission for Modern Currency was to completely close this divide and to flip the traditional notion of an agency on its head. Our philosophy is all about true integration (not just saying we do), complete strategic marketing and PR solutions, and understanding business. We don't spruik vanity metrics. Instead we deliver solid, business-impacting results.


Erin Sing with Gary Vee in Australia for the Vinomofo partnership


What inspires you and gets you out of bed in the mornings? 

For me there are two core things. The first being that feeling that I'm making a real, tangible difference to the brands and people I work with. It's incredibly inspiring to me to see the work we do boost sales for a company, to bring them new customers, to get them stealing market share off a competitor, and of course, to see their own business grow and hire new people. It makes me feel as though I'm really contributing to the world of business and to the lives of people within those businesses.


The second being our amazing Modern Currency team. As a company we've grown rapidly (which has its own set of challenges!), and I'm so inspired by our amazing team who continually give more, step up and challenge more, and really live and breathe our ethos as a company. I love watching them grow, helping them take the next steps in their career, and see them master the work they're doing. It's incredibly satisfying to sit back and think that I'm employing 10 or so people, that these people have a job because of what we're building at Modern Currency. It's a really cool feeling and something that both Mish (my business partner) and I really cherish - it's what keeps us going when there are challenging times, which as a small business owner, we can tell you there are plenty of those!


What's been the best lesson you've learned in business or your career and why? 

As someone who hadn't had a business before Modern Currency, it has been one lesson after another for me. I've made plenty of mistakes; some quite big and some not so big, but each and every one of them has been a lesson and an opportunity for growth.


From a personal sense, I've learned from a mentor of mine, Justin Dry (the Co-Founder and CEO of Vinomofo) that perspective is absolutely key - choosing which voice to listen to - the one that is independent and brave, or the one that is insecure and fear-ridden is one of the most important decisions you'll make every, single day.


As a business owner, an entrepreneur, an ideas person, you'll have plenty of doubts, plenty of people questioning what you're doing (even yourself!) but you need to learn to lean into that uncomfortable feeling of being vulnerable and being outside of your comfort zone. Being comfortable can be the death of a business - you need to continually push the boundaries, continually disrupt yourself, and continually look to grow and change.


Erin Sing from Modern Currency PR agency being interviewed

What does the future look like for you? 

Oh-so bright! We have the biggest ambitions for Modern Currency. In the two years we've been operating, we've already set up an office in Singapore with an affiliate agency, and we have a team member on the ground in LA. The next for us will be expanding locally in Australia, New Zealand, growing our LA team and expanding our offering in South East Asia. We're looking to continue to expand our offering and our approach to communications, creative and marketing with some of the country's best thought-leaders, and take this offering to the world. Our long-term goal is to really be a global agency that is shaking up the way agencies operate.


Erin Sing and her team from Modern Currency PR agency

What's one piece of advice you'd give other women in business or in their careers? 

“Step into the arena. It’s time, there’s room and you’ll be ok, I promise”

- this is something I continually remind myself of. It’s powerful and accurate; we each have a voice, we each have a seat at the table and we each can make an impact. Women supporting other women, lifting other women up is one of the most powerful things in business. I truly believe that if we champion each other, we'll all continue to grow and flourish. The world is our oyster, after all!


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