Listen from about 7 minutes and 30 seconds to hear Tash talk about ARNA. 

In January, Tash had the opportunity to speak to Sirine Demachkie from ABC Radio about launching ARNA, empowering women, women in leadership roles in business and just generally loving what you're doing. 

This interview was part of a connection to a piece of research GoDaddy funded about 'Blue Monday.' Blue Monday is said to be the toughest day of the working year where people feel the most down. This is often due to heading back into work and having what feels like, a long year ahead. 

The research found that many people look into going into their own businesses or finding ways to make income without needing to work a 9am - 5pm type role. Instead, people feel more excited and passionate to launch something of their own or to start a side hustle. 

That's what we've done at ARNA, for us it's much more about being able to work on and grow something we're really passionate about like women's work opportunities, far wages etc. It was less about not loving the 9am - 5pm life but seeing the amazing opportunity for growth and change. 

Not only that, getting to work, travel and meet amazing new people is all part of the fun of growing ARNA. 

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