So TikTok has been around a little while now and many brands have jumped on the band wagon while others haven't. We think it's a great idea to create a brand profile and use this as a platform to access people in a different way. 

Here's why it's a good tool to use and how brands can really jump onboard. 

  • It accesses the Gen Z market like no other social media channel. Not even Instagram captures the attention of Gen Z's the way that TikTok does. Remember the Gen Zers are the buyers of the future and a huge demographic that you should consider how your brand or business engages with in the long run. 
  • TikTok is a scrappy channel. It allows you, as a brand to bring your personalities to the forefront. It's a deep, behind the scenes view of everything and the people behind the brand. Don't just share pretty branded content on there, share funny, authentic human interactions that people can relate with on a daily basis. 
  • Video is absolutely where it's at when it comes to content engagement and TikTok is on the money creating a platform that's video only focused. Your videos should be about 1 minute or less, you can add copywriting into them to give context. You can take parts of older video content and repurpose it for TikTok. It doesn't have to be all new stuff so don't get a bee in your bonnet about needing to create all new stuff for this new channel. You can just use some of what you've got back make it relevant to this platform. Basically, TikTok is an on platform video editing tool. 
  • Use hashtags just like you would on Instagram or Twitter. That's how you'll get found. Hashtag relevant topics so you are visible in more places on TikTok. The #workfromhome hashtag is trending right now and could be a great one to jump onto and show how you work from home, or give an expectation vs reality. 

#workfromhome tiktok marketing for brands by ARNA women leaders, work and laptop bags for women

TIktok Marketing for brands from ARNA women leaders, work and laptop bags for women

  • Follow and engage with other people's content. Following other people who are your target demographic or resonate with you is a great way to also build your following and just generally engage with other people on the platform. You can also like and comment on people's videos, so be sure to give it a go.
  • Get involved in a TikTok trend of challenge and do your own spin or version of that challenge. Some of them to look into are: #buthaveyouseen, #shoechallenge, the Haribo Challenge, Travel Challenge and so many more.

TikTok for brands ARNA women leaders work and laptop bags for women


  • Once you've posted your content on TikTok, you can actually download the videos back to your phone and share them on other channels. You'll notice the little TikTok logo on the video which also gives people on other channels context for why the video is a meme of some kind or a theme. Resharing your TikTok content on other channels can also help bulk out your weekly content and like they say, feed the beast. 
  • You can create Duets with other people. You don't have to know them at all, they could be celebs, influencers or your friends. You can choose a split screen option and sing a song with your fave artist. This could be a great way to engage with artists and influencers that are relevant for your brand messaging or style. 
  • The most engaged markets on TikTok are India, China and the USA. It's been really interesting to see usage of TikTok while travelling in India. People in even the tiniest villages on the edges of the country are engaged with it. This social channel is continuing to grow world wide and doesn't seem to be slowing down. It's always good to jump on channels like this as early as you can and be involved in the conversation.   

There's a cool new app which you can also plugin to your Shopify store called VOP. Basically you link your TikTok and then people can shop from your TikTok easily. You can also embed the VOP into your product pages or blog posts like this. 


So there's a little TikTok rundown for you while we're all in lockdown... no better time than to start filming some fun videos, even just to entertain yourself and get acquainted with this new channel that's not going anywhere!

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