Do you have an incredible girl pack, an amazing aunt, a wonderful mother, a loving grandma, a bestie that you need to acknowledge and appreciate? I mean, don’t we all! 

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It’s so important to understand and recognise that all people need recognition and acknowledgement for how amazing they are and what they contribute to the world. When it comes to the silly season, it’s a time we often go into massive consumerism mode and buy gifts that might be thrown out or not used. It’s also a time where some people feel a little bit sad, maybe they’re grieving a lost loved one, or maybe they live away from their family. It’s a time of year when showing the incredible women around you how much you ‘see’ them, is so important. 

One of the most powerful movies for me is Avatar, I’ve watched it about 30 times, I mostly watch it on planes and enjoy a good cry. The key message for me in this film is the idea of really seeing people, truly acknowledging them. When Neytiri says to Jake, ‘I see you.’ I really feel that. This idea of not just looking at someone with your eyes or at face value but seeing them and acknowledging and appreciating their existence and human essence. This is what I mean when I’m talking about acknowledgement, it’s so deep.  

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So, here are ways I think we can acknowledge and appreciate the amazing women in our lives:

  • Take the time out to spend time with the person, undivided. Whether it’s a phone call, a dinner, a walk. Ask your friend, mum, aunt or whoever it might be, to spend some quality time together. 


  • Tell the person what you love about them and be specific. Don’t just say, you're awesome. “Say something like, you’re an incredible person because you’re so kind. I love how much you give to others, not just simple things like buying my coffee but you give me time, you listen so amazingly and I really appreciate our friendship and you.” Say things about that person that show you’ve noticed them in all their glory. 


  • Before giving a gift - consider first, what is that person's love language? Is it receiving gifts, quality time, acts of services, words of affirmation and touch? Remember that just because your love language is one of these, doesn’t mean that your amazing lady in your life enjoys receiving love in the same way. So find out what her love language is and give based on what will be the most impactful for her. (Baring in mind, love languages can be important in any relationship, not just a partner).


  • If you do really want to give a gift, think about something that will be so meaningful to that person. Something outside the box, not just a hand cream… What have they mentioned in the past they love, is it an author, a book, a specific podcast, a musician, find something that relates to something they LOVE or talk about a lot. Eg, my sister and I once bought each other 2 tickets to see Alanis Morrisett, so we ended up with 4 tickets in total! We both just love her and knew how meaningful it would be for each other, turns out we had the exact same idea but it meant a lot to us both. 


  • Spend the time making something meaningful, like a card and write down all the awesome things you love about your buddy. Or make a cool photo board, or a journal, just putting some time and effort into something special and meaningful can make someone feel like you really care. 


  • Invite your woman of choice over for a nice feed, instead of going out. Cook them something you know they’ll love, spend time chatting and eating and enjoying the deliciousness that is food and friendship. 


  • Here’s another thought, you are, in fact, the most important woman in your life. What are you doing to acknowledge and appreciate your-amazing-self? How about thinking about all the things you’re awesome at, what you love about yourself, how cool your brain is, how warm your heart is… time to write all those things down. So often we don’t acknowledge all the things we’re amazing at and all the things that make us a special human, so take a little time to really do that. 

So go out there, give, love and share with the incredible women in your life and remember, YOU are the most amazing woman in yours. 

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