Firstly, why is personal branding important?

Well, when you're building your career or your business, having a personal tone of voice and an opinion on relevant business topics, or being seen as an expert can go along way. Building your personal brand is pretty much like building a regular brand it’s just that, you are IT! 


The way you are perceived both online and in person is a powerful thing when it comes to getting a new role, getting a promotion, pitching yourself out for opportunities or just regular-old selling. 

Building your personal brand is all really about building TRUST! If people know you or can see you’re an expert in a subject matter because you show it, then you’re way more likely to have more opportunities come your way. 


1. Google yo’ self. 

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Start by googling yourself… it’s a bit self-stalker vibes but you will be surprised what pops up about you. Seriously. 

Also, make sure to look at the images section in Google as well as the Search section. This is pretty important when it comes to people hiring you or going for a promotion. When people search you online you want to know exactly what they see and have some control over this. Trust us, having a picture of you sculling beer through a funnel, can be somewhat harmful to your personal brand in some cases. 

Make sure you have your personal social media accounts on private if you do have some more ‘fun’ photos up. 

2. Know your audience.

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Who is your audience? Who are you building your personal brand to support? How can it help people improve themselves or their businesses? 

This is key to building the right kind of personal brand, knowing your audience is really important when it comes to the content you’re going to create and who it will resonate with. You’re not going to be for everybody so finding a niche is really key.

Becoming an expert or sharing your expertise in something specific can be so much more powerful than trying to share lots of thoughts on lots of things. 

So write down all the things you're great at, that you have loads of knowledge on and then write a list of all the types of people and in what roles they might be in, where your knowledge could really help them. 

Be for somebody, not for everybody. 

3. Building the right content for the right people at the right time. 

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Like anything, when you’re building a brand, you need to create content to resonate with your niche and your audience. Content can come in so many forms and be shared on so many different channels. 

So, utilise your strongest skill set, this way, whatever you create will be authentic, genuine and from a place that puts you in an expert position. If you’re a great writer, than focus on that, if you’re more visual and can share content through imagery great OR if you can create good video content and speak with confidence then do that! 

Consider that the style of content you create might be super fruitful on some channels and less so on others. So, build a bit of plan and create genuine, from-the-heart content in your style and tone of voice. 

When you think, tone of voice, don’t be too stuck on formalities, create content how you generally speak, it’s often more powerful to just be yourself than to try to create a ‘brand’ that’s a little more ‘professional’ or just not authentically you. 

When you’re building your content, think about the frequency you want to share messages. Staying top-of-mind or being considered as an expert takes time, so you’ll need to build a bit of a library of stuff to build that trust about your expertise. 

4. Be accessible. 

Best things in life are shared. sharing is caring. personal branding tips

It’s super important that all the amazing content you create and share is easy to access for all the people that you want to communicate with. 

Don’t keep the content behind email walls, or sign up flows (unless, of course, that’s your business model). 

Sharing is caring so be open to giving away really powerful and amazing content with tips, tricks and ideas on how people can improve their work. 

Make sure everything is readable as well, clearly on a website, or not behind your personal social media profile that’s private. 

There is a time and a place to gate content but when you’re first building out your personal brand, that isn’t the time! It’s the time to share, get your name out there, get your ideas out there, spark interesting conversations with smart and interesting people and get noticed! 


5. It’s a two-way street. 

So while you’re the subject matter expert, it’s all about getting others to engage with you in conversation, to share their own ideas on the subject as well. Make sure you ask questions and genuinely engage with other experts too. 

Networking and connecting with like-minded people or other experts is key to growing your base of people who advocate for you and your expertise in this area. They can help connect you with other businesses or people to grow your business, expand your ideas on a topic or even question your beliefs on a topic. 

Aligning yourself with brands, charities or social movements is also key to showing your depth of knowledge and connections in the industry. What you give to your community, that you work within, is so much more important than what you think you can get from it. 


6. Consistency is queen.

Queen B consistency personal branding tips

Make sure how you present yourself online is consistent with how you present yourself in person. 

Isn’t it just shit when you met someone famous or someone you’ve looked up to from the online world and they suck in person… DON’T be that person. Make sure that you are authentic and consistent with your personal branding no matter where people might come into contact with you. 

Also, if you don’t know something about a topic you’re a so-called expert on, don’t pretend you do! Just say, you don’t know but you’ll do some research and get back to that person. People can totally tell when you’re talking shit, so just don’t. 

We'll say it again, consistency is queen. 

So go forth and personal brand the shit out of yourself… if you want to chat more about this, get in contact with us, we’d love to help! info@arnaonline.com.au 

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