When you're just starting out creating or building your website, it can be challenging to know where to start with SEO, so here's a few tips we've used to kick-start our website. 

  • Create good content that people will find really valuable. When you write your content be sure to write at least 250 - 300 words so that there's enough content to really make an impact. Google is unlikely to pick up very short snippets of content. 
  • Write alternative text for all the images that you display. This is really helpful in giving the images context in a search engine, without the text they are like big meaningless splotches, even if they look pretty. 

SEO article to help new beginners to building websites and creating content

  • Back linking is really helpful and one of the biggest keys to SEO success. You want to be able to get your website links and content shared on other sites to build credibility. If others are sharing your content search engines are more likely to pick it up as it 'trends.' This is where affiliate marketing can be really helpful, great content and of course public relations. 
  • Use keywords everywhere that you can. If your keyword is 'SEO' find ways to make sure you are using it as much as possible, but don't go too over board. For example, you could use the word SEO in the title of the article, in the body copy and in the URL that's created when your content is live. That way the topic is really clear. 

We hope these tips get you started on your SEO journey, it really is just about creating building blocks, adding more great content, links and images with copy to support what you're sharing. 

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