If you are starting your own business or have been asked to build your brand with next to no budget, there are a few great tools out there that you can use for free!
  • Design your butt off
Canva, in our opinion, is also one of the best free tools around. Canva is like photoshop for dummies. You can create flyers, event invites, posters and social media posts. You have access to heaps of free images and fonts to help you to get started with your business straight away! It's the best way to look profesh without paying a designer to perfect your content for you. 
  • Great imagery that tells a story
We don't always have access to photographers who can create beautiful imagery for us that tells our story so Unsplash is also a great resource if you need images for any of your collateral. You can choose from thousands of images for free from amazing photographers. You can help the photographers out by tagging them or mentioning them in your posts across social media. It's a win/win for everyone.
  • Social social social
Social media is free and used well, can really help you grow your business, stay top-of-mind and just be where your new and existing customers are.
  • Facebook - create your fan page and offer a mix of content from articles shared from your website and others. Share images BUT mostly, people are loving video right now. So if you've got a great video share it! Cut it up and repurpose it in different lengths, use subtitles as well so people can watch in silence. Access the literally billions of people on Facebook but creating content that resonates. Despite the fact that the algorithms can make it challenging to reach your fan base, it is still possible if your content is great and really resonates with your target audience.  
  • Instagram - its the visual smorgasbord of the mobile interwebs! Use Insta as your gallery, it tells a visual story only so make sure that your content looks great not just as individual posts but also in your profile overall. Post daily if you can to keep people engaged with your brand and your message. Don't have too much copy in your images either as it's jarring. Facebook is where your copy can be!
  • LinkedIn is one the best platform for brands, not only can you write long-form blog posts from your personal account to help build thought leadership but you can create a company page where you can post regular updates and reach thousands of people. LinkedIn has also recently done an overhaul on their pages meaning you can now see what your employees are posting so you can amplify their activity, you can see when other people tag your brand so you can comment and engage and you can now see trending content among your audience so you know exactly the type of content they are interested in reading. So get sharing to a professional network of targeted customers. 
Mobile phone for marketing
Happy marketing!

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