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We believe giving to your besties is an all year round thing, whether it's something tangible or even your precious time. Giving is an incredible important human quality that has both physical and mental health benefits.

We all know giving helps others, whether we volunteer for organisations, offer emotional support to those around us or donate to charities. But studies show that giving is also good for the giver — boosting physical and mental health.

Studies find these health benefits associated with giving:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Less depression
  • Lower stress levels
  • Longer life
  • Greater happiness

Don't just take it from us, read more about that here.

So here's some awesome gift ideas we think are awesome for you and your best boss ass babe friends. 

1. Look, obviously we're bias but we totally think that The Ceiling Breaker is an incredible gift. It fits a 13 inch laptop, it's awesome for travelling and on-the-go ladies in your life. It's also simple, sleek and suits any outfit being black leather.


2. The Passion Planner - if you love to start a new year off with a solid plan but also love to get a bit creative with it, well this is the diary for you. The Passion Planner is frankly amazing as well as beautiful to look at. It features:

  • A passion roadmap
  • Quotes and challenges
  • Personal and work to-do lists
  • A space for infinite possibilities
  • Weekly and daily focuses
  • Monthly reflections
  • Annual and monthly overviews

It's basically the bomb for getting yourself organised but also finding the core passion for yourself, while breaking time down into bite sized chunks. LOVE IT.

Passion Planner - plan your year ahead and get creative while doing it.


3. Get this book for the Girl Boss in your life; How Women Rise by Sally Helgesen. It's all about the behaviours that hold women back at work and how we can really look at growing, self-promoting and supporting each other. Supporting each other to get into leadership roles or to take that next promotion or even just to be there and listen, is what we need more of. It's our job to encourage all the amazing women around us so that we can grow and work towards a more equitable future. 

HOw women rise a book by Sally Helgesen about helping women at work - a perfect gift for the girl boss in your life


4. We absolutely LOVE our Morrissey Leather Laptop Tote and especially in the bold red colour! It's something a little bit different. It's a super spacious bag that can fit your 13 inch laptop, wallet, phone, keys, chargers, diary, a small umbrella, a cardigan etc. She's spacious and she's fun! The red hot colour is an absolute statement with your outfit! 

Morrissey Leather Laptop Tote in Red Leather


5. Our friends over at High Tee's making really fun t-shirts featuring incredibly inspiring people. We particularly love the Jacinda Ardern one because she is an amazing leader! They've also got a t-shirt with Lee Lin Chin; a feisty girl boss herself. 

Jacinda Ardern T Shirt by High Tees Designed by Jessa Macdonald in Melbourne


6. If you'd love to give something a little more indulgent, handmade and something that will make your girl boss friend feel amazeballs, well, look no further than Sailor Mouth Soaps. Our friend Aliya Hutchison hand makes her stunning soaps out of her studio in Brisbane. They are made from some of the finest essential oils and they smell phenomenal! Get your hands on some of her beautiful soapy brews, for yourself and your girl boss bestie! 

Sailor Mouth Soap - Chocolate Botanical Soap handmade in Brisbane

This one is called; Chocolate Gingerbread Botanical Cold Process Soap (YUM). 

7. If you have a friend who has recently got a promotion, a new job or just achieved something amazing recently, then look no further than The Play Big Backpack. It's always worth celebrating the wins and especially when you can see you friends playing big, having the tough conversations, promoting themselves and supporting other women around them! This backpack is all about doing the hard stuff and knowing that it pays off. It's for the women who you know feel fear but just get up and do things anyway!

8. Do you have a girl boss going eco-friendly or maybe starting to dabble with a KeepCup or reusable water bottle? We found Kappi, a fun and super helpful business creating eco-friendly reusable starter kits to help you and you friends start your eco-friendly journey! 

Kappi Reusable Eco Friendly Start Kit

There's plenty of kits to choose from but this one has some reusable bags, a drink bottle, some straws and utensils, it's easy to be eco-friendly. 

9. Are you just heading out for some drinks or to a BBQ? Sparkke Change drinks are the perfect addition to bring along, share with your fave queens in your life and spark the conversation about some real issues we're facing with gender equality and women's rights. 

Sparkke Change beer for gender equality - sparking up conversation over a drink


10. Just want something simple? The Duffle&Co Laptop Sleeve is just that, it's sleek, it's leather and it's ethically hand made in Bali. AND, for each one purchased the team at Duffle&Co plant 5 mangrove trees in Indonesia. So, it's the perfect gift to give to a friend and feel good about doing good! 

It comes in black leather or in tan leather so you can find one perfect for the travelling, girl boss in your life. 


We know gift shopping for your best can feel good and do good that's why we hand picked these beauties from our own experiences. We found these awesome quotes about giving in this article here. 

"For it is in giving that we receive."  ~Saint Francis of Assisi

"The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity."  ~Leo Tolstoy

"We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give."  ~Winston Churchill 

"If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap.  If you want happiness for a day, go fishing.  If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune.  If you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody."  ~Chinese proverb

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