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Our Bold Moves campaign is all about stepping outside your comfort zone to be able to truly step into yourself. We believe that being accountable for yourself, your actions and your life is the only way we can truly achieve gender equality. So ladies, get in formation! 

Want to make a bold move? Pledge yours here. 

Bold moves campaign by ARNAonline - get in formation women leaders work and laptop bags for women

1. Back yourself

It's time... for many generations we have been quiet, we have masked ourselves behind this concept of tall poppy syndrome and not said what we're good at. We've not been confident to yell from the roof tops to get what we want in our lives. 

To back yourself, to trust yourself, to put yourself forward, to invest in yourself IS the way of your future. If you do not back yourself then who will? 

2. Listen to your gut

Over the last decade, I've really learned that that little brain in your gut is magical, that intuition you feel is real and it should not be ignored or rationalised by your brain. Listen to those little niggly questions, listen to those small anxieties and ask yourself, why am I feeling this way? You will always find the answer if you just ask yourself. 

This is also all about making the right decision for you. To push yourself forward in order to grow and to take the steps you need, to follow your own path and to listen to yourself from within your body and mind. 

Trusting your gut is like choosing to trust yourself from all the past experiences you've had, so do it! Listen deeply to yourself. 

Listen to your gut for bold moves campaign for ARNA women leaders, work and laptop bags for women

3. Take a risk

We don't mean take a risk like bungy jump or spend a million dollars on lotto tickets. We mean, take a risk on yourself! Do something that makes you feel nervous, be calculated, make sure that whatever your risk is you back yourself completely and that it will be worth it for you in the long run. 

Maybe your risk is to go for that promotion, ask for that raise, go into your own business, launch a side hustle, date! Whatever it is, 2020 is the new decade and the new year to go for it. 

Honestly, what is the worst that can happen from taking a leap of faith on yourself. When it comes to all these things, the main fear is often rejection but guess what? Rejection is part of life, so if we can begin accepting it as whole heartedly as all the other emotions we can just move forward. 

I read somewhere once that a girl decided to change her mentality on rejection and aimed to be turned down 100 times in the year. What she found was that by scoring her rejections she was just putting herself forward for so many more things and getting a tally of accomplishments along with the rejections, it made it more fun! 

4. Try something new

There's never a time like now to try something you've never tried before. Did you know that every time you do this you create new nerve connections in your brain only expanding your brains capacity? 

Maybe start by not taking the exact same route to work, cross the road at a different point. You could try a new restaurant, a new recipe, a new type of exercise. Whatever you try, make it new. Get your brain working in new and different ways. 

This kind of thinking is helpful for problem solving and in any job or business today, it's a trait that's highly sort after. If you can try new things, think outside the box and find unique solutions then you're onto a winner! 

Try something new - Bold moves ARNA campaign 2020 women leaders work and laptop bags for women

5. Do something that scares you

Sometimes a little bit of fear is what gets us to the next stage of our own growth or self awareness. I think one of the scariest things I've ever done is to truly face myself and my own bullshit or my own internal narrative. 

There are many scary things in life and they often relate to the unknown. We fear things when we feel we don't have control but in all reality the only thing we can control is ourselves. We cannot control our surroundings, our environment or other people so we might as well say, fuck the fear and just do that thing that sounds so scary anyway. 

Maybe for you, it's seeing a psychologist, maybe it's apologising for something you did, maybe it's applying for a job or going through an interview process, maybe it's public speaking... whatever it is, push through fear and take little actions each day to get you closer to your personal goals and to help you grow.  

6. Travel to somewhere you’ve never been

Travelling the world is truly a privilege but it's also the best way to learn about yourself, about other cultures, languages, customs, traditions, religions and foods. No matter what you do in your life, travelling will truly make you richer. It's a soul food like no other. 

I've travelled to 30 countries now and all I can say is that every time I've come back from somewhere, I've learned something new about myself and it's often life changing. 

Save, get off your butt and get to that country you've always wanted to see! If you're a solo female traveller, like me, pick a tour group to go on, Intrepid or G Adventures are both awesome. I've always felt really safe when going on a tour somewhere in a group. 

Try something new - Bold moves ARNA campaign 2020 women leaders work and laptop bags for women

I took this picture in the Kutch desert in India, we travelled on two 2 hour buses, a flight and a camel ride to get there but it was an incredible experience. 

7. Have that tough conversation

Back to some of the harder stuff... it's always shit when we need to have a tough conversation with someone at work, with a friend or at home. There's no time like the present to just do it, just eat the frog (so to speak). 

When approaching whatever your tough chat is, just remember if you're feeling nervous and worried, it's likely the other person also feels similar. Go into that conversation with a really clear intention. Something like, I want us to both come out of this feeling way better and that we've resolved this tension. It's super important that you have a good result in mind for all parties. 

If you're going on ready to sabotage or beat someone down, then you need a tough chat with yourself... it's all about finding a balance and a medium and it's also about listening to someone else's experience and view point and not only focusing on your own. 

When you get into the conversation itself, be sure to ask some questions before diving in... and when you're ready to get to your part, after listening, make sure that you talk about how you feel NOT talk about the other person with words like, you did this... try an approach like; I noticed, I feel, for me it's... 

Always keep in mind that you can only control your own responses in any conversation so be proud of how you approach the conversation, how calm you stay and kind you are etc. 

8. Launch your dream side hustle or go for that dream job

Have you always dreamed of having your own business or a particular dream job with a specific company? Well, it's time to step into your awesomeness and get it done! 

Here's some questions to ask yourself to breakdown any fear you might be feeling about taking the leap:

  • What has been holding me back? 
  • Why do I want to go ahead and take this leap?
  • What are the real risks to doing this? 
  • What will success look like for me in doing this?
  • What will really happen if I do fail? What will happen if I succeed?

Now write a list of all the things you need to do to get started on your business or on your application? 

And now, do one thing on that list to make a start, take an action! 

ARNAonline women's work and laptop bags - designed in Sydney. women leaders

We launched ARNA in April 2020 and it was scary but we did it anyway while both working full time!


9. Take up space

It's 2020 and it's about damn time us women took up space and lots of it.  I'm talking about space in the board room, space on the leadership team, space with your words and the volume of your voice, space with your fashion, space with your body. TAKE UP SPACE! 

We are no longer shrinking, we are growing in every way! 

Speak louder, eat whatever the fuck makes you feel good, wear what makes you feel sexy and amazing, share your opinion, put forward your ideas. Your brain is worth it and people need to hear what you have to say. 

10. Get a coach or mentor

One of the most powerful things Arianne and I both did in 2019 was work with a leadership coach, Kylee Stone. 

She opened our eyes to ourselves, our behaviours, our own internal narratives and the things we could work on in order to be the best versions of ourselves. There is literally no way, I would have decided to quit my job and travel the world while working if I hadn't done the work with Kylee to feel my own internal fulfilment. 

You just have to be ready to really look at yourself and do some hard work. It's up and down emotionally but in the end, it's so damn worth it! I've never felt more empowered than now. 

To wrap up, there is one thing we all need to be doing for each other as women, and that's wholeheartedly supporting and cheering each other on! Saying wow, that was amazing congrats. You're smashing it! Instead of bitching or tearing each other down, 2020 is the year for uplifting and building each other up. So let's do this, let's take this bold move together and cheer our sisters on. 


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