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Self-trust, it's a revolution

Trust, it’s an interesting concept. The actual definition of trust is: to believe that someone is good and honest and will not harm you, or that something is safe and reliable.

If you really think about this, it’s easy to understand why people feel that trust is broken, often. It’s because each person’s perception of what trust looks like, what ‘good and honest’ looks like, could be completely different. The way we feel about the kind of trust we offer is what we often expect from others but how could they ever really know what we believe trust is unless we tell them what it means for us and ask, what does it mean for you?

Trust yourself #selftrustrevolution

One learning I’ve had this year is about the ability to trust myself. Trusting in my own gut, my instincts, my abilities. It’s the opposite of self-doubt in that, if I trust myself to do a great job, deliver an awesome project then that’s what will happen. If I have even an inkling of doubt in my mind about what I’m doing or my abilities, fear creeps in and I often feel stifled.

What I’ve found is when I’m in a trusting zone with myself that the people around me, the people I work with, trust me and the projects run more smoothly, the relationships have less, or no friction and we move forward in a really powerful way together.

I’ve found in moments where I’ve trusted myself the most, I feel on fire. Like boom, boom, I can do fucking anything. Then in moments of self-doubt I feel like, OMG who am I, what do I know about anything, it can be quite berating and honestly just highly unproductive.

I’ve been working on ways to build trust with myself and turn my self-doubt around. I’ve found that if I write down answers to questions like: 

  •     What am I trying to achieve?
  •     Why do I want to do this?
  •     How do I want to feel before I start this project or meeting?
  •     How do I want to feel during this project or meeting?
  •     How do I want to feel afterwards?
  •     What are the actions I need to take to get this done?

The minute I take stock and just breathe and then write all this down is the minute I have a clearer view of myself and what I’m trying to create. It also opens the door to my own knowledge, what I can do and what I can control.

So trust yourself in the end because others will trust you too.


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