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Searching for oneness

It’s always fascinated me how people search to fill an emptiness inside themselves, a sense of wholeness that’s missing or is it really just a sense of self?

I’ve always felt that that’s why there is religion, because people want an easy way to explain the empty away without looking at what is the hardest, oneself. It’s so much easier to put your life in a deity's hands, to say, God will look out for me, or even, the universe will look out for me.

It is so hard and painful to look inward or to look deeply into your own eyes in a mirror and find that wholeness that we are often searching for. 

I think people find it often in places like concerts or churches. I’ve often felt a sense of it in big groups where there is music that just uplifts the soul and everyone feels connected to each other because you’re all there for the same reason, to listen, to sing, to dance, to embrace and to be so present. It’s moments in time, like this, where I think humans feel that sense of wholeness or oneness that we all crave. That’s why I think religion is so great for this, especially modern Christianity! The music, the songs, the bands are incredible and it really makes you feel connected. It’s a deep moment of presence and silence within the sound that connects you to what you feel is a God or other people, but it’s really, you. It’s a moment of profound self-connection mistaken for something else. 

Wouldn’t the world be so much more of an astounding place if we focused on ourselves in the most reflective way and we loved ourselves as much as we hate ourselves. Imagine if we focused on our hearts as much as we search into our phones. Imagine if we sang our lungs out instead of whispering under our breaths. Imagine if we breathed in oxygen and focused only on that and felt gratitude for that, for this life. This crazy, amazing sense of consciousness that we get to experience like no other species. 

My way to connect to the earth and myself is simple, I head down to the beach, dig my small toes deep into the sand and watch the ocean lapse while I listen to it. It brings this sense of calm, this amazing sense of feeling connected to mother earth and to myself. It’s a moment that gives me perspective of just how small I really I am. How tiny. Just a spec in this spec of time. That insignificance is so important because it makes me realise how small my problems really are and how lucky I truly am. I think it’s that simple. There must be ways to find this each day, to get back to this kind of presence each day. I guess people talk about mindfulness, often, as the type of practice where you can get this but what if we didn’t name it? What if we just practiced presence each day, all of us? What a world could this be? 

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