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Meandering from China

Coming to you from Qingdao just by the Yellow Sea. It's 2 degrees here! Who knew it could get so cold in China? 

Here's some other fun facts:

  • They drive on the right side of the road
  • There's Starbucks (coffee is as gross here as it is in any other Starbucks in the world) and KFC on every corner
  • The bakery's are amazingggggggggg, they smell so good and everything is so fluffy and fresh. 
  • Qingdao is an international trading hub
  • There's a famous brewery here that makes Tsingtao beer, the most well known Chinese export beer. 
  • The 2008 Beijing Olympics rowing was held here.
  • You can NEVER get sick of dumplings and noodles, FACT.

Map of China - where we are travelling for ARNA bags manufacturing


So, I boarded the plane on January 14 2020, I felt the same rush that I’d felt when I was 15 and half years old and I’d just got my full drivers license.

That day, I drove up my road, away from my house laughing at the freedom of being in my car, alone, and the freedom to get myself anywhere I wanted to go. The independence.

January 14th almost 15 years later, felt exactly the same. Exhilarating and a little bit scary.

The releasing of the invisible shackles that seem to hold you burdened to societal pressures. The pressure to have that job title, to earn that salary, to have that boyfriend, to get married, to have children, to buy that house, rinse repeat..

It’s the road less travelled, the unconventional I guess. To be travelling the world at 29 while launching a business. Is it foolish or is it ambitious? I’m not quite sure yet but at the very least it’s freeing.

Begs the question, what is freedom? True freedom? Is it a mindset, a feeling, an action?

For me, I think, it’s the absolute independence and ability to stand on my own two feet, alone yet comfortable.

I guess it’s a choice, to feel free. To make the conscious choice to not burden yourself with perceived societal pressure but instead to release yourself and say, not for me and that’s okay.

My meanderings


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