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Today I listened to a podcast by Oprah of Eckhart Tolle explaining the awakening of the consciousness. It’s a fairly surreal experience when you begin to understand it and Tolle explains it in such a visual way that it feels easier to recognise the you that is conscious and the you, that is your ego. Or, the you that is your human form and the you, that is your consciousness or your formless essence of being. 

Super soul podcast by Oprah winfrey about eckhart tolle and consciousness

He mentioned this idea of evolution of the consciousness being: 

  • Asleep in a stone, in the mineral form. 
  • In a dream state in plants
  • Awakened in animals
  • And the consciousness awakened to itself in humans, not all humans but some. 

He goes on to talk about 2 different philosophers who saw life from opposite viewpoints but who were both essentially right. One said the only truth is that there will always be change. The other said, the only truth is that there is no change at all. He explains how both ideas live and work together in the consciousness. 

So imagine a canvas, it is blank and always will be a canvas, it doesn’t change, it is what it is. Then consider the painting on the canvas that is the ever changing experiences of your life. So while the changes are always happening there is also the certainty of the stillness or sameness of the canvas, which doesn’t change from what it is. 

When I really think about this, it makes perfect sense. The inner, deeper you and your sense of essence or self is the canvas and the story of your life is the art, the painting and the changes but what stays the same is your essence. So if you can be aware of, and still with your essence for moments in time, then you are being aware of your own presence and it feels strange. Like looking in on yourself through a window. 

It’s quiet. 

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