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A graceful unravelling of grief

A graceful unravelling of grief


It’s layered

You’re so graceful they said

You handled this amazingly, they said

My face strong but my hands weak


It’s a loss all over again

It’s a new view on what was

It’s a heart reshattered with a new stripe

It’s the shedding of another skin



When I look in this new world did I feel lost

Not seen

Not heard

No eye contact

Are my eyes your unravelling?

What if they’re not?


The chaos

The cold and the rigid

The emptiness I saw

I longed to fill that once

Not now

Not ever

There’s no coming back

Even though my heart reshatters









A forever lonely beating heart



It’s not my burden

It’s not my love

It’s not for me




My unravelling graceless grief



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