2020 – ARNAonline


It’s the year of openness, the year of facing fears and facing myself. A year of courage and curiosity. It’s the year of connecting with new people, new cultures and new ways of life. It’s the year of letting go. It’s the year of coming into my thirties with absolute gusto and vigour.

It’s a year for my soul, for true nourishment.

The start of a new decade, a new era in my life.

It’s the beginning of a deep evolutionary awakening for humans on the planet.

A year for meditation and connecting to my inner essence that connects me to the universal network of truth. The oneness that I have seen when I choose to. The oneness that I know when I want to.

It’s a year to dig my fingers into Mother Nature and hold her soul in my hands, let the grains of sand, the lashings of water and the freckles of soil slip through my fingers. It’s a year to smell flowers and hug trees.

It’s a year to lay global roots, my network over expanse, planting one seed at a time.

It’s a year to walk for miles on the earth, in the forest, up mountains and on the beach.

It’s a year to float in oceans, lakes and rivers. To drift and let the water heal. Let the water connect me to the universe.

It’s a year to gaze up at the stars and breath in the beautiful oxygen.

It’s a year for dancing, singing, laughing, bonding, creating, giving, gratefulness, gratitude, kindness, compassion and empathy.

It’s a year to look back so we can be present and then look forward.

2020 - the year of gratitude, the year of presence.

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